Chapter Twenty, Part Three: soffite d'argile et de têtes d'orMature

Heaving her solvent child-breast at the thought of her former student being so thoughtful, obstinate, and such a busybody, she reaches out and grabs the clothes, shrugging them on. They’re pleasantly loose, she realises, and as she probes the hem, her fingers stumble over a large tag tied with purple twine. It reads:

 Virgin Sacrifice Robe:  -1 Luck, Summon Holy (single use; automatic on K.O. unless Blue Sash of Relative Displacement is equipped, whereupon effect block-transfers onto itself, resulting in recursive occlusion)

Fisherman’s Trousers:  +3 Charm Whale (collect Fisherman’s Shoes and Fisherman’s Lantern for Sailor Jesus of Tonberry costume change)

Blue Sash of Relative Displacement:  +9 Perception (unless Virgin Sacrifice Robe is equipped) 

Her eyes narrow into blades at her former student’s inane idea of a joke, then crystallize silver on the surrounding lush ruby foliage down the way from the cottage; she again sees exactly what she expected to find there, yet she is surprised. 

Her fingers tighten on her unreal chest; two thundering dreamt hearts crash against aching incorporeal ribs.

The End

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