Chapter Seven, Part Four: Wake-Up Call of CthulhuMature

“Oh you have, Valeyard,” Roda Palfour says gently from behind the opening door, museum-side, “…but the Student did not want you to remember until he needed you to. So he set traps for you. You see? The object within the Cloud was only a part of it. We do not know the whole ourselves. He will tell you when he wishes you to be told. Right now, though,” one long digit sharpens toward the Valeyard’s belly, “…for the time being, we alone will… we must… deal with the shard you carry. It must not escape the corridors of the Pyramid as it escaped the Void, do you understand? It must not leave here; it does not belong. Whatever you may believe, he is not hiding her from –you-. And you were not hiding her from –him-. He allowed you to place him in that room.” The old bird monk then sweeps his hand toward the doors on both sides of the little room; the monks instantly assume positions and close them, twisting their claws so slightly that without Time Lord hearing  one might never have guessed they were locking anything. 

The End

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