Epilogue, Part Three: Oestre EggMature

She hadn’t noticed that before.  She tries to look. He even lifts her up, smiling up at her as she gets her first good glimpse of the monstrous thing hanging casually above them.                                 

A giant egg... like something that should grow on the tree anyway, but... it’s so... 

The huge egg is glowing with lines, black lines... so white it is... but those black lines... what is in that egg? Susan can’t understand why it has to be so big. 

“Big.” She gums, her eyes widening further as he tosses her up and down and up and down over and over again, to make her dizzy. 

“Well, that’s nice. And quite true, really.” he breathes the words in her ear, enjoying the scent of her fear as it reaches her nostrils. “Because I’m the Valeshard, one glorious piece of a much greater whole, and this is you. You’re going to be eaten by what’s growing in that egg. Oh yes, little girl, Zagreus is going to come out, and he’s going to eat your bones and wear your skin like an Armani suit! Enjoy, you little snot.” 

He backtracks out the door, tipping an imaginary hat as he whips out the sonic and buzzes the lock through the window, so she can watch him seal her in. 

Her eyes become wet quickly. She beats her little fists on the grates beneath the strange white tree, bringing up purple blotches on the sides of her hands.

The End

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