Chapter Twenty-Three, Part Four: Night Mare's EndMature

From the left, a man with black hair, a smooth carved face; icy eyes that tingle the blood. 

They step forward a fraction, passing between her twin posts decorated with wet heads. 

She cannot see from whence the third is coming, and that bothers her. 

Sinking now into the pool of her pillows, she does not seem to recall how she came to sit down again. 

Further and further down into the blue. 

And she can see him. 

She remembers. 

She remembers what he did to her. 

The very words. 

“Into the Void with you, Mehgudi!” 

With mussed rabbit hair, he appears like lightning, a half-naked demon wrapped from the waist in a sheet, around his shoulders, a shimmering deep red robe marked with the points of a thousand stars, his fingers grasping a rainbow-colored rose. As he surges forward between the other men, he thrusts the rose at her feet and her throne melts from under her, shifting down and out as if growing legs and crawling away. 

 Rabbit hair cries out, his fevered green eyes imploring the throne, of all things. “Right Hand of Omega, you must remember me, and I bid you now... transform the Eye into the Egg and let us be done with her!” 

The black-haired man thrusts up his hand and the throne swirls around his fingers into the shape of a heavy gauntlet, just as the strange red-violet jewel begins shining; soon it burns with a bright snowy light- such is the strength of that light that it turns the moisture in the air around him to fog; he averts his eyes. 

“That bauble will not stop me, Rassilon! You three will DIE, and your little PET with you!” 

The End

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