Chapter Sixteen, Part Five: Through Me, Thy Blue HeavenMature

The Doctor decides the trap door must be mocking him as he leans Kenny’s briefly stirring shape against the wall full of strange globe-headed figures again, this time near the musty exit step stones, then clambers up, hoping to apply himself to the lovely exit trap and win a prize.                                                                                                                                                                    

Sweat slicks his hands however, and when he presses his full weight up against the sticking door in a Brazilian high kick he has absolutely no business trying in his state, instead of the lock giving, he feels another pain charge its way through from spine to nethers, and he falls down the stairs, back into the greyish brownish dust, right where he left Kenny. 

 As the Doctor looks at Kenny’s fish-gaping lips, a small stream of light steals across the man’s tongue and through his staring eyes, filling his mouth with infelicitous gold beams that pour from him. 

“Oh damn, oh damn! Kenny you wake up this insta-” 

The End

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