Chapter Sixteen, Part Three: Through Me, Thy Blue HeavenMature

Ykar closes his long eyelashes over his eyes then falls down the stairs, a tumbling weed as his bones and body ricochet bluntly off the stones of the walls. A crack is heard- his neck, catching itself on the last step. 


The Doctor sighs, then reaches for the wall nearest his free hand. His dull peridot eyes and limbs, heavy with too much sleep, glance limply toward the leaning shadow groping along the opposite span of wall-stone. 

“Kenny?” he breathes, huffing slightly with the effort as he sits up on the bench. 

The other man does not answer, but his fine length of emerald hair bobs like a fiddlehead fern, dripping blood in all the particulate places, and dangles a lovely bit of gory scalp, besides. His long hands meddle idly with his chest, pressing here and there with flighty, numb-ed movements. 

“You don’t have long- all right all right, I’m coming, don’t do anything!” the Doctor murmurs, sliding off the bench and rushing to wrap his elbows around the man’s waist, the Rose Ring on his finger sliding somewhat in the drain of Kenny’s body fluid down onto him. 

Together they drag down the stairs; the Doctor holds his elbow to the stones, hoping for a... 

“One, two, three, four... five... got it!” he cries, breathing hard under Kenny’s extra weight as a catch clicks somewhere and one of the old grey blocks retreats into the wall, disappearing most of two fossilized conch, a fist of tiny anemones and a spray of plankton. 

The End

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