Chapter Twelve, Part Two: Romulus and RemusMature

They are standing, no, walking, through a roundish portal flickering with unstable energies. 

 There are two men; the Master. The tenth Doctor, holding an old pistol, shaking. The Master is holding a diamond. 

“Get out of the way,” he says, eyes meeting the Doctor’s. 

The Doctor slips to the side of the scene, away from the leader of the Red Robes. 

Then the Master is screaming at the leader, saying, “ did this to me!” 

The Master’s fingers emit a rough blue lightning, so many times until the leader of the Red Robes falls to his knees. 

A blur of light swallows them all, except the Doctor and the old man in the tube behind. 

Soon they too are swallowed. 

His mother flickers back again... blindfolded, being led to a strange machine at the heart of a giant tree. 

They push her in. 

His father, also blindfolded, is led to a different tree. 

They push him in. 

The Master is wearing a golden sash; it is fluttering behind him as he runs. 

He billows shabbily down a long hall before coming to a fork. His head bobs achingly between the two divergences. 

He chooses one path, follows it to a door. 

Now he is standing before this door, his fists plunging weakly against the locks, his hair disheveled. 

The scene melts away, like little bubbles. 

Jack blinks, then looks at the blue post it again. 

It says something now. 

‘Redrum is the sound of another man’s tears.’

The End

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