Chapter Ten, Part Three: Finding NamoMature

She puts her fingers to this new crystal, knocking a small fist against the warm-cool glassy face. 

“Room full of keys, my boy...” she murmurs drily as she picks her way back to the engine room, ignoring the ping of other crystals now zapping into place in every section, “ where’s your room? The one you sleep in?” 

The Doctor’s voice falls out clumsily from somewhere as he says, “I have no room, Borusa- I don’t control this. But you know the old saying, ‘Wherever you go, there you are.’” 

“So where have you been, then?” Borusa smirks, plonking herself in front of the first crystal she found, the one floating in the engine room- straight, perfect... annoying. 

“Oh you know me- everywhere, nowhere. My backyard. It’s boring. I want to go places. What happens when you’ve been everywhere? What do you do?” comes the succulent voice of her former charge, pushing his fingers through the walls of the quartz. 

A rainbow rose is in the man’s hands; the skin is dripping blood from where a bismuth thorn has punctured it. There are many such punctures. 

Borusa looks down at the rose, then up at her student, whose chin is wobbling like a half-broken branch in a strong wind. The eyes though, are minty emeralds flecked with gold. 

He is pressing against the glassy crystal’s facet, staring out at her. 

“Isn’t it obvious, silly boy?” Borusa says, keeping her vocal cadences to the quieter ranges in an attempt to soothe him, “... after you’ve gone everywhere, you spend nowhere.” 

 “...take this. You can’t stay.” 

He sets the Bismuth Sunrise Rose in Borusa’s hands, wraps her fingers around it, then folds himself back up again. 

The room soon fuzzes in little shivers of glittery gleam. 

Borusa sighs. 

It’s time to leave.


The End

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