Chapter Four, Part Three: Like a Seahorse in ReverseMature

The conjoinment soon withdraws like a splitting cell and dissipates. Then they both close off their wounds, recalling their material with a snapping slap of flapping body against choppy water. 

“Don’t fall asleep in the pool, honey,” she murmurs, smacking him gently and grabbing his arm when he starts to totter backward, away from her, “... you’ll drown.” 

Then she pulls him toward her bosom, laying his head against her naked breasts. 

“We should probably get out now...” he murmurs from the relative safety of his twin cushions... they afford him such a lovely bird’s eye view of her pretty new belly. 

She just smiles, and wraps her arms around his shoulders, helping him stand upright. 

“Eventually, eventually...” she says as she closes her eyes and lowers her chin into his brown hair, “... please, my love... let’s stay like this... for just a little longer.”


The End

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