Chapter Twenty-One, Part Four: La Dame à la licorne, À mon seul désirMature

The scene changes again. She loops, and this time it’s the box again, the hexagon in the middle. Then a third person, with a dagger, judging by the sharp isosceles at the right of his little square hand. 

She pulls his hand to her again and places his fingers. She loops, and this time the dagger is bigger, and inside a box. 

The Doctor takes her hands in his, patting them as he once had done for Susan. 

Her arms tremble a little less, but still she tears the string from her fingers, ripping skin in little pink strips. 

 He looks away, but she rises with the string dangling bits of her still in her hands. She comes behind him, taps his shoulder. The string is wound around his eyes, over and over, until he cannot see. 

Then he feels her smaller hand in his larger, guiding him into the cave’s innards, and together they go into the darkness unlit by the light of the second fire. 

The End

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