Chapter Twenty, Part Two: And I Not Troilus, And You Not CressidaMature

“And whey from a stone means peace for all.” Pasmo  murmurs, grinning from one side of his lips as he savoured the taste of contest flooding his mouth. “My Lord Doctor, I remember that line- you used it in your first year dissertation against genetic modulation. At the time, I thought it was trite, as I recall.” 

There then occurs above the Doctor’s chin an odd, thin smirk of those child’s lips, pointed at the ends just so and in the middle, to defame any conquering heroes. 

When the Doctor speaks again, this time, Pasmo remembers something cold. “Now that’s so very funny, really, being as that I don’t recall you being there. I remember Pasmo' being there though, clear as a bell and twice as senile. He must be dropping gingko like an acid freak, to be so sharp as you.” 

“That tone of yours… is a weakness -he- never showed. Now go away.” 

“And what would that weakness be, exactly? Doubt as to the Absence of Malice? I seem to have heard something floating about the Citadel regarding how you disappeared for a few days… right about the time the Citadel’s cell blocks were compromised. “ The Doctor looks down, eyes suddenly flitting and hooded as he fiddles with the red line of his suspender. “There must have been time travel involved, wouldn’t you say? I would check myself, but there are circumstances...”

The End

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