Chapter Fifteen, Part Two: The Temptation of Saint Anthony, 1945Mature

Her Koschei drags his foot back, the toe of his converse bumping like a skipped stone on the grates as he moves to kick her again.                                                                     

 The Doctor is the only thing holding him back, quite literally, because without his steadying hand, the other Time Lord would slip to the grates again. He’s weak for some reason. The two of them, together... at the party, too. It does make sense. But the Doctor is affected, so it must have been the Master who parallel parked the TARDIS near the exit. 

“…you disguised a TT capsule as a storage cupboard?” she asks, injecting incredulity while she looks around the console room, committing everything to memory. 

“She won’t let you fly her, sweet child,” the Doctor says, pushing himself up. His tweed jacket is rumpled; his bowtie undone. He staggers to the console and just leans. “… she thinks you need a spanking. But that’s all right; she thinks that about me most days.” 

He’s looking at her as though he expects her to believe him, Flamina realizes as she shifts one knee out from under her rump and sits up a bit. She glares up at the Master, who is, strikingly, standing between the Doctor and herself. She wipes her chin with her white silk sleeve. “Why do you care about this animal, Koschei? He tried to burn us! He killed his own children. Why did you save him?”


The End

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