Chapter Nine, Part One: Circle of SteelMature

Absently as she walks down the lowest-level entry of the silly Citadel, the Lady Flamina fingers the silver mask in her fingers, the half-face of a bear. There ought to be leaves and twigs coming out of its mouth, oughtn’t there? Or is she confused again?

Not quite so absently, she lets her thoughts drift toward the man who had given her the mask. 

He had long hair. It was blonde. It shone like waves of sunlight. His eyes were candles, just for her. She hoped he’d got out. She prayed he had. The ruse was over; no need for heroics. 

She would not consider the one who had given her birth. That creature had left her to die, with only sweet dreams full of white dresses and parties for her food.

 ‘No,’ she breathed, smoothing her dress as she started to jog, then began running through the halls, her free hand clutching the torque.

 She was rendered invisible by its power; its cool heat against her breastbone a comfort, much like the touch of Grandfather’s feathers against her skin. So soft they were, those feathers. But if she was to escape the Citadel, she must keep her hand on the torque for the loop to stay complete- otherwise the guards she was passing would see her instead of the nothing she wanted them to believe was there. 

They would kill her.

The End

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