Chapter Eighteen, Part One: VirageMature

“Good Lord, one more day of you and even I would swear off sex. That’s disgusting, what you’ve been doing with his sweets like that. He’ll have to regenerate later just to wash the taste out.” 

 The Valeyard draws a blanket up over River and smiles at the Master’s grossed out leer. “Oh Koschei, get your mind out of the gutter. He hates the flavor of pear. I don’t. In fact, I actually prefer the pear-flavoured jelly babies. Get over yourself. Food has been used in pursuit of adult pleasure for such a long time, it scarcely bears mentioning, this issue of yours. Besides…” he crooks a squarish finger across a narrow channel of rock leading into a ravine, “…isn’t it about time we enter the Cloud proper? I know a short-cuuuuuttt…” 

The Master smirks, then has to stick his tongue like a fu dog as the man’s hand plops down on his head and affects a slight rumpling of the hair there. He mutters, “I wasn’t talking about the candy. Why am I not surprised you’ve been leading us in circles? Idiot. You couldn’t plot your way out of a paper bag.” He palms his forehead in surprise. “Oh god, why and when did I start sounding like him? And why do I want to know why?” the Master groans to himself, scratching his tee-shirted chest. “Let me guess, you want to scout ahead, with me. How thrilling. Let’s go, at least then I can keep an eye on you, you pervert. At least you were decent enough to give me new clothes. Those blue knee pants were ridiculous.”

The End

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