Chapter Seventeen, Part Three: Stand Alone ComplexMature

The boom erupts near his ear, ringing through him like the tolling of some monstrous bell. 

His clothing is rendered into strips by the blast, like a sick joke played on a Dadaist. 

His flesh is flayed bare-angry red streaks mar the Flesh’s once pristine skin. 

But then, he looks down… to see her staring at him. 

In her hands, the Bird. 

The silver ring is in its mouth, but with something Else fused to it. 

The Eye. 

Is it to be this way, then? He asks himself silently. He’s got to get both rings somehow; perhaps the other one is in the cave… did she find the Node as well? If they are here, then… what is in that storage room? Unless they built the transdimensional storage around the… and rerouted it through the… oh my word. They rerouted it here. Those bastards. An oversight caused all of this, this… all of it. 

 With a small, lingering breath, he reaches down to swat her away from the bauble. 

To save her. 

To give birth to her nightmare. 

Maybe he could use the other ring and the base-node to restore…

The End

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