Chapter Seventeen, Part Two: Stand Alone ComplexMature

“Ah, the node and the rings, excellent,” he chirps, swirling around the room in nothing but his green velvet coat and some white boxers with red hearts on. And the nice warm dark socks- let’s not forget them. Thankfully no one is going to be returning to the shuttle for a while; else they would notice there is quite a bit more room than before… 

He talks to the console, patting it as he continues on pushing buttons, trying to get the little Pagoda to play nice and take him where he wants to be, which is in that storage room near the Citadel. 

“It’s the Cloud, isn’t it?” he murmurs, half to himself, and begins to set temporal coordinates instead of mere spatial ones. “Well we’ll just see about that. Take us to a place in time before the Cloud’s temporal gravity was altered. There’s my fine girl! We’ll mosey on over from there and then hop skip back to this point in time once we’ve got what we came for. Bird in the hand and lickety-split! In order to fix the rings, we ‘ve got to have the rings… of course.” 

When he reaches the Pagoda doors, he flings them open. 

The first thing he sees… broken columns of marble scattered against a shattered landscape. 

Oh god, the Museum… he’s gone and landed… there. And what is that, a little form picking among the rocks? 

Rassilon preserve us, indeed. 

He feels chill, suddenly, and ducks back inside. He retrieves his trousers from the cupboard, puts them on, and steps back out, waiting patiently for the explosion that he knows will come, because the Pagoda is parked right in the missing section of wall…

The End

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