Chapter Sixteen, Part Five: Manifest and ManifestoMature

‘Hitchemus, year two hundred, month the ninth, timestamp apple dash two: 

I am with the White Lady, now. Her breath is on my face. All over my skin. Seeping in. Fulfilling me.

I must thank the bluish-furred Tiger woman Mira for introducing me to Her all those years ago.

It truly is a liberating experience, to sniff the white powder and watch it grind your brains up into meat paste from far away, inside your own head. I wonder how long it will be before I finally forget what I’m doing here. For him. I think, no, I know I want to. I am content here. I have the Kaku Inko in my possession, having paid off several of the local officials in black time market gold, both for the violin and information as to the whereabouts of my TARDIS. 

He’s abandoned me. Why did I ever think that he gave a damn? 

Once I have my ship back, however, I believe I shall visit my previous home on the same unscheduled flight plan I used to come to Hitchemus, just so I can slip in and see if he’s still there, playing with his irons and his fires. If not, I might travel back in time like he wanted me to, to have some fun with the Old War Era timelines. Get some answers. Maybe visit the Doctor in the timeline I left, rip the child from his belly and restring the violin with her guts… oh yes, that does sound adequate. I’ve grown quite fond of music, since coming here. I’ve even learned to play.’

The End

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