Chapter Sixteen, Part Three: Manifest and ManifestoMature

‘Hitchemus, month the third, timestamp apple dash one seventy:          

“I am again Hainishtymion. A renegade band of the mock-feliform natives called tigers and their human compatriots managed to make off with the TT capsule which I used to travel here. That remains a troubling development, and one that must be rectified. I am having no trouble finding food, however, because the people here seem to know and appreciate what I am, they evidently having met my Lord Doctor before through a benefit of local legends… they call him the Hitchemus Devil, and claim that he, among other things, called a storm to stop the ancient war between the human colonists and the natives. The violin he is said to have played so quickly and so perfectly the strings themselves burst into flame has purportedly gained sentience from the incident, as well as a name, Kaku Inko, and several cult followings. I think perhaps this is one of the artifacts he sent me to find. I will attempt to investigate and procure the instrument; failing that, well… I must not fail the Doctor. I will not shame his trust or my House in such a manner.’ 

“It wouldn’t hurt to skip ahead a bit,”Pasmodius quips, laughing as he taps the one scrawny hair on his head with a spindle-thin finger.

The End

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