Chapter Fifteen, Part Four: MarziplanMature

“Don’t make me bite your nuts off, you lacy twit.” The Master growls as he kicks at a running coal from the campfire. 

River Song lifts her head from the Valeyard’s back and sighs. “And don’t make me –muzzle- you. Anklebiter. That was Jack Harness on the comms, of all people. He said something about a murder, but I couldn’t make it out. I guess the comms cut back in earlier than I thought. But when did he get here? Must have been during shuttle prep.” 

Anklebiter? Really? But Koschei of Oakdown has reason to smile; the mere memory of the fact of the Freak’s presence on Gallifrey is enough to make him happy for the moment. He really –must- introduce the man to Braxiatel. 


But… hadn’t River Song been there during the shootout with Harkness? Then why was she… 


Quite a bit later then. 



The End

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