Chapter Fourteen, Part Two: MamlaureaMature

And even further still, what debt perceived is now held tightly, she wonders, behind the eyes of her sleeping Lord Other, who spoke those words to her, he who once beheld these rings as nothing more than mere gold, before he shaped them with his hands and gave them to the two lovers, the two rings with which he would bear the two lovers through death along with himself. 

 She considers the ramifications of what she is about to do, as she reaches down and presses the burgundy velvet between her fingers. She folds it over the pair of rose-carved golden rings slowly, as if preparing a child’s rump to wipe. 

Long, long ago, she tended –his- bottom in much the same way. 

With the same great care she places the packet of velvet in her dress pocket and then applies her shriveled hands to the drawer’s silver handle, sliding the wooden drawer back into its recess. 

She turns away from the chest of drawers, her grey eyes catching a swift glimpse of sunlight streaming in from her Lord’s window as she crosses the room to the door. 

Yes. After The Testimony before the High Council of Time Lords, she will visit him, and wipe his bloody nose again, just like before.


The End

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