Chapter Ten, Part Two: Ghost ShipMature

The snow of interference crawls louder over the upper left. It is not gushing, but just... lingering there, blipping like bits of fluffy seeds scattered by a sudden breeze.                                                                                                                                     

The seeds are few now, but maybe with the Other’s help, they can live again? 

What idiot ideas. Perhaps he is just too old to relate. No, he should stop thinking. It got him into this mess. But he won’t. To stop is to die. The Other knew that long ago. But, which one of them has forgot it now? 

 He laughs out loud. The sound mutates in his throat, burning somehow, becoming a scream that never quite reaches his lips when he remembers the screen again. 

The fragments of mosaic flashing across like… 

Yes. Like those little seeds again. 

There seems to be a… 

Fleck of leg in one fragment of visual. A leg in dark grey trousers… 

The End

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