Chapter Nine, Part Three: Is This Your Final Fantasy?Mature

“We’re dressing as we go, kiddies! The bird is in flight! Remember the shuttle was set to fly as soon as we woke up; our bodies are still safe on Gallifrey!” Again the Flesh to Flesh contact. 

So subdued. 

“Is this how you are going to debrief us for the entire expedition, Doctor? Through Avatar to Avatar contact? It is a bit unnerving, especially when I have yet to discover how to access the higher motor control functions…” Borusa quips, one ivory hand sailing out to grab the corner of a storage door.   

“Here, let me help with that. I’ll resonate with you so you can pick up the skill more quickly.” River says, reaching out to clutch Borusa’s slender white shoulder, now well-toned and adult. The space of a blue spark erupts between their respective skins, and soon Borusa is standing upright and walking. 

“I am gratified, Lady Song, that at least one of you has the manners you were born with.” Borusa snaps, her yellow crystal-point pate spinning rapidly in disgust. “Again, my gratitude. Perhaps between us we can teach these boys some grace whilst on this fact-finding trip, yes?” 

“No!” says River, her golden-haired head a forest of silent coins as she shakes it slowly back and forth, a small, tenuous smile rising on her lips, “… I think that timeship has sailed.”


The End

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