Chapter Seven, Part Five: The Great Northern CaveMature

“In a moment.” The Master gripes, shoving a hand down across the Doctor’s belly and forcing him back down. “What’s funny is you think you’re actually going. Where’s your sense of duty to that child?” 

The Doctor smiles. “Duty? Duty is as duty does. I care about your –girlfriend- just as much as you do. Now leave off- I’m going to visit Jack. And Koschei…” his eyes glitter like flecks of goldstone suddenly, and he watches the Master’s upper body dart back in hindbrain fear, despite itself. “…touch me like that again and I’ll have your head for breakfast on my best silver.” 

“…somehow I don’t doubt it, Theta. Very well. I’ll never understand you and your bloody mood swings.” 

As the two men leave from opposite doors, Rassilon grabs his chin and tilts his head in the Doctor’s direction. 

“… as always, you are a source of endless fascination, old friend. See that you don’t lose sight of the goal, as I did.”


The End

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