Chapter Seven, Part Three: The Great Northern CaveMature

“… planetary tracking system I built into the Transduction Barrier? I’ve just done exactly that. It turns out there is an Artifact still on Gallifrey, in an area the Doctor is associated with. It’s called the Cloud of Stryphfea. The events of the War altered its gravity, according to my sources.” the tall dark Time Lord says, settling down in a sloping metal chair opposite the two other men in the room. “You have some explaining to do, it seems, -old friend-, being as that you were there.” 

The Doctor stares back at Rassilon; suddenly the mood of play in the room is dissolved, the Master dismissed. 

And the Master does not like this, not one little bit. Still, because he is not a stupid man, he listens. 

“Don’t dismiss Koschei, Dallyrasse. He’s a good boy, lots of charm and technical knowledge. And he’s my friend.” 

“You said that about Omega too, and look what happened to him. Clumsy fool ought to have looked where he was going. That said, I can’t imagine why you’ve suddenly started collecting toys.” Rassilon’s blue ice asteroid eyes flirt down and up with gutting the Master like a filet of Tafelshrew. Or maybe a fine piece of fabric ready for the clothier… 

“I never approved of your use of him, Rassilon. In fact, as I recall, I vehemently decried it.” The Doctor turns to the Master, whose normally insufferable bottom lip pout is scruffily absent. “You, too, Koschei. You remember when I crashed through the ceiling and played stupid with the shiny objects, don’t you Kos’? After all you were there as well. You were so beautiful, and I was so proud to know you.” He smiles a little. “So very proud.” 

The End

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