Chapter Four, Part Four: RedactedMature

As they walk together, his eyes trail along the halls until they reach his room, his hands on his stomach the whole way. It does kind of hurt, but they are really taking it too… ooh, question! 

“Dallyrasse, do you think it might actually work, or are we just delaying the inevitable hydrogen inrush, among other things?” the Doctor asks with weighted eyelids as the older man helps him undress. 

  Pasmodius rifles in the blank wall cabinets for the sudden appearance of a glass, and fills it from a tap that melts out from the wall at a snailing pace. “I’ll be just a moment, “ he squawks in soft apology, “This area’s automatics have always been a bit slow!” 

Up-curving the corners of his sapphire eyes just enough to evoke a bit of calculated warmth, Rassilon shrugs, though it never reaches his eyes. He says, “… wasn’t it you who helped me to answer that same query recently? I’ll call for your wife- I believe she’s in what’s left of the gardens.” Then he smiles, genuinely. His fingers tap a couple of keys on the door panel to keep the communiqué on private lines, then he speaks into the comm., “River Song, please come to the Lord Doctor’s rooms at once.” 

Before he leaves, the ancient Time Lord turns to the Doctor and says, ‘But the universe didn’t begin with an inrush, did it, my Lord Other? You know that as well as I.”


The End

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