Chapter Twenty-Six, Part One: Quite ContraryMature

The Doctor is Benjamin Pond. 

Benjamin Pond is the Doctor. 

Benjamin… the Doctor… 

That bastard! But… 

He’s going to be an uncle! 

Still… that bastard. 

And… that -other- creature. The one with the unstoppable breasts and golden curls to die for. Well, no one else is going to die for those, anymore. 

Pale and panting, Jack takes a step back from the procession, hanging on body-words, like a bat about to sound. 

“What did you do to him, River?” he breathes, his blue eyes storming from narrowed slits like tidal waves before a drowning man. 

River Song’s golden hair stops bouncing. Her hand slips from the Doctor’s; the two sets of footsteps in soft boots on either side of the litter cease for a fraction of time, then take up the slow march once more, slowing it further, as if to enunciate this little bump in polished planning. So he -was- faking it; interesting. 

“What did -I- do to him? You’re the one who…”

The End

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