Chapter Twenty-Two, Part Six: Bequest BackupMature


“You!” someone calls unhappily from behind the door, presumably, Borusa reasons, shouting at Jack and River, “… get him back inside the Zero Environment! You two, with me!” 

Then another pair of hands grabs them both and pulls them in, just as Borusa reaches round to the other side. 

“This is rubbish,” she mutters finally after those few seconds of running, “…must do this more often.” 

She pauses, as much to catch her breath as to catch her sense. She muses aloud. 

“Wait, the painting was over on -that- side before! How did it get here so quickly, unless… so it -was- him that…” 

Then a hand appears from behind the -curtain- of the door, to grab her, too. A familiar female hand, with two familiar gold rings on it. 

And the pass-by is empty, now, until the crowds begin to fill the vacuum, as they ought. 

The Mirrors, who were hanging on every word from a safe distance away at a snack stand, look on. 

Perhaps they’ll hang around.

The End

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