Chapter Twenty-Two, Part One: Bequest BackupMature

“We should go upstairs and find that painting Rassilon mentioned,” River Song murmurs, stepping back out of the mirrored box and tidying her hair as she shuts the door again and locks it, “…and Jack, I’m glad you aren’t angry anymore. I’m also grateful for the chance to speak with that Angel again. So, thank you, sweetheart, really.” She kisses him on the cheek, then pats his arse. “That was a perfect present. Do you know who sent it to you?”   

Jack shakes his head and sighs as he opens the door at the top of the basement stairs. “There was a white card addressed to you and myself with two Greek letters on it, and honestly, I have no idea who that could be. But, see here? This door should open into the museum janitorial station. The guy I worked with used to come in here a lot to see his lover, this white fleshy jukebox… thing. And he was a plasmavore! Can you imagine?” he bubbles as they pop out the door into the janitorial area, a white half-hexagon lined with cameras and short, round, mopping robots full of cleaner nanites. 

“Do you remember where you saw the picture?” River asks, shutting the basement door behind Borusa. 

“Hurry up, I don’t work here anymore- the janitor bots are onto us!” Jack spits out as he turns to her, rushing them both out the second door and into the main museum entry. 

“I remember it was on this… yeah, I’m sure that exhibit you liked was on this floor,” he adds, smiling at a passing white octopoid in a green striped guard uniform with a silver half-moon sling-baton on a thin belt.

The End

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