Chapter Twenty, Part Two: Rooms Full of KeysMature

Before she can breathe, he’s in her face, gulping her air with silent, closed lips from across the room… and he’s never once moved from his place in the doorway. 

“Don’t go there, Pond,” he says, brightly, with a grin that could skin twenty giant size rabbits and a few daleks for the soup, “What do you say that after this we go investigate all the reasons you don’t deserve him, eh? The list should be quite… wait… I…” 

River Song is watching him now, running long fingers through her golden curls as she works it out. Nobody but Borusa, standing in the background and listening like a mouse, and herself, could know that she was really watching the blue arch of a dying timeline shudder away from the man, like crisp leaves on a fall tree. If she concentrated, she could follow the light as it grew backward, all the way to a planetoid no longer in existence, a planet of incarcerated daleks and encased memories… erased memories, now- an entire universe worth. 

Memories of the Doctor. 

Did her glorious train wreck of a husband really just pick and choose who got to keep him? She’s going to ask him what happened when she sees him again, and then she’s going to give him a piece of her mind. 

“So, Jack, what was it you were going to say about me? How I don’t deserve my husband? Because I did something naughty? The only thing naughty I’ve done is kiss him and think of ways to get him to kiss me. I think it’s… oh, three times, or is it four, now? Maybe more. Depending on which me in which timeline, that is. He claims he can’t keep them straight, but I think he’s lying, I really do.”

The End

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