Chapter Eighteen, Part Two: On the Comforts of a Pyramid-Shaped Tent, Part ThreeMature

The Master sticks his finger at the fuzz, trying to wipe it off. But it’s on the screen. 

He leans in, and nearly snorts himself to death. There’s a solid green line, then a little top bit, with a little white dot shooting out of it… 

“That’s not lint. That’s a vintage pixel sprite from Space Invaders. I imagine if we search the area where it disappeared, we’ll find residual artron with the Jade Pagoda’s signature; she’s the TARDIS’ escape pod.” The Master sighs, then scratches his head. “Fucking fanboy. You let him smoke something illegal in here, didn’t you? What was it, gingersnaps? Must be. Or, wait… I bet he got high just off the machine oil…” he murmurs, stabbing a finger at the screen until a smudge appears.

Flamina snorts, too, a perturbed unicorn. “Oh Koschei, you can’t believe that. Since when did father need any outside help to be an idiot?”


The End

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