Chapter Sixteen, Part Two: The Divine Cavalcade, Part TwoMature

In the back of the bus, so to speak, Borusa is glued to the windowed views, her frosty child-face locked in happy conflict with the scenery of Space outside. 

“Are we there yet?” she asks softly, her blue saucer eyes fixed on one particular star, out there. 

Out there. 

“I think he’s got another convert…” River says under her breath, smiling at Borusa as she works the shuttle console manually with her hands, out of habit. 

Jack moves his foot from the console in dismay, affronted by the admission. 

“What do you mean, he? Who are -you- talking about?” Jack breathes, rising a little in his excitement before he thinks to catch himself. 

And it’s too late, because she’s noticed. She’s seen him. River Song… 

He asks again, hoping. 

“So what did you mean? My being curious doesn’t equal a win for you. I’m just being sociable.” 

But River Song just smiles red lips and says, “Spoilers...”

The End

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