Chapter Fifteen, Part Two: The Divine Cavalcade, Part OneMature

Jack and River are perched atop one another, hanging out the door of the shuttle. 

Borusa walks by them, clipping both their ears with a loud pop on the way inside. 

The small ship will ferry the three straight to Mnrva, courtesy of someone’s presets. 

As the shuttle teleports out, Pasmodius swats away the student who keeps touching his shoulder and murmuring idiocies. 

“I really do not care, child; go away.” 

“But sir, it’s really very all right- they won’t be gone long, Lord Borusa promised us. Let us go back to the Library and fetch the tomes on gardening; we still need to sort…” 

Pasmodius makes a yawning motion as he wraps his fingers around the young girl’s neck and snaps. 

For a moment, he isn’t sure if the Time Lords wailing and flailing about are doing so because he just killed one of them, or because he pretended to yawn. 

Everyone knows Time Lords can’t yawn. 

Over the comms, a message plays out, just as his master intended. 

‘Emergency! Emergency! Communications are down- there is a cloud of…’ 



My my.

The End

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