Chapter Seven, Part Three: On the Comforts of a Pyramid-Shaped Tent, Part OneMature

 He stumbles, his mouth opening like a drooling dog after bacon. His hands find the smooth white floor, while his roving eyes study the bum of his escaping girlfriend as it bounces tightly down the hallway, then disappears inside the pyramidal door to the detachable Zero Room in question. 

After the clack of her heels stops at what he gathers is a wall, there is a crumpling noise, then a thick, uneven pulling, as if there was something sticky on the back of whatever she took off the wall. 

“Let me guess,” he mutters, scrambling up to position himself behind the door, “…it’s a blue post-it note.” 

Flamina sighs, holding up the blue paper with the sticky back, “You’d be right. It seems he’s flown the coop.” 

He finishes for her, snatching the blue note and twisting it before his eyes, turning it, examining it with every relevant orifice. Including his tongue. 

“Well, he keeps -saying- he’s an adult, but yet, somehow I don’t believe him. Want to go down to the planet and harass the locals? Again?” 

Flamina furrows her brows at him, but then sighs. Her shoulders slump like little piles of sugar. 

“Oh all right. He’ll be fine for a little while, I suppose. Rosette?” she says, looking up into the white ceiling. “Let’s drop back into Kasterborous space for a while, but keep tabs on him, would you?” 

A smiling, vague-feminine likeness of a face melts out of the white wall and nods.

The End

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