Chapter Six, Part Two: The Practiced OvertureMature

But River can tell; her mind is elsewhere. A small smile crosses River’s lips as she thinks about what must be going on in Borusa’s mind. Then Jack moves to greet them. 

“Emily…” Jack says with a grin, holding out his hand and keeping his left boot heel tilted into the floor. 

“Steven…” River mutters, narrowing her eyes and adjusting her hips a little so the right one bears just a bit more weight. 

“Now that the niceties are out of the way…” he adds, curling the edges of his mouth in a most unflattering way as he resizes her sturdy curves up, “Where is he, Miss Pond?” 

Rassilon’s ice blue eyes are a bird’s as he searches their stilted, pensive body language for information, anything, about what has happened, and what will- he knows what is happening now. 

Then, just as he expects them to, they squirm into motion, flying at each other, guns to each other’s foreheads. 

“Catshark fur,” he murmurs flatly, cocking his head, “…has never flown so fast.”

The End

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