Lustful CautionMature

It was the day of Rosechans event, her first proper performance. She felt excited yet apprehensive about her first show ever. She had decided not to write any script or practice beforehand,  because she had always gotten nervous and forgotten her lines. Her screen flashed just then, it was a message from both Sandora and Niky, confirming they had succeeded into sweet talking their parents into letting them watch Rosechan's performance. They were to meet at the entrance of the Home for the Kids.

When the clock neared 4 pm, she got herself into her tuxedo and hat, adding some finishing touches to her make-up. She very rarely wore any, only for parties or special occasions. She didn't really understand people who plastered it on, like Dujy or Ginny...
'Go easy on the make-up Slave, or else you might end up looking like me!' Quipped Slappy cheekily, cackling at his own joke.
'Shut up!' Rosechan snapped, putting her lipgloss down. Catching sight of her reflection, Slappy smirked evilly.The reflection suddenly changed as a wicked grin spread across Rosechan's face. She picked  up Slappy and, placing him on her knee so that he faced the mirror, dunked the puff thoroughly in red blusher and dabbed hard at his cheeks.
'Hey slave, stop that!Waah-!' Slappy screeched in protest,  but to no effect. Rosechan put down the puff and admired her masterpiece in the mirror.
'Now who looks like who, eh?' Rosechan said satisfied. It was time to go, so she stopped clowning around and rushed downstairs.

Her parents were downstairs together with her brother and his friends.
'Show us your act, Rosechan,' her father suggested, but Rosechan was wary of how Slappy had acted in front of the families of his previous slaves and she dreaded to imagine what insults Slappy might dish out this time.
'I'd better not Daddy, you know how nervous I get before an act.' She did however manage to get Slappy to say a quick 'Hello family' then got into to the car. It didnt take long to drive there, only about 15 minutes. She got out of the car and promised to be outside in an hour. Her father drove off, then Sandora and Niky appeared.

'Hi Rosechan!'
'Hi girls!' Rosechan made Slappy say. 'Lets go inside!'
The 4 of them entered the building. Rosechan had been there once before, when her music class had done a performance for Christmas. It looked much better since then, the walls had been repainted and there was a soft red carpet.
'Hi Rosechan! Welcome, and thank you so much for coming!' The deputy manager Dee, appeared to receive them.
'Hi Dee! Thank you for hiring me! Its all looking good,' said Rosechan cheerfully, glancing around. The place had been decorated for the birthday party, with dazzling balloons, colourful party streamers and banners.

'Meet my friends, Sandora and Niky, who also wanted to watch my performance,' she introduced them to Dee, then introduced the star of the show. Dee lead the way to a room with a table, which was covered in delicious food and drink of all sorts, and a beautiful birthday cake in the middle.
'Girls, meet the birthday girl,' Dee ushered a shy little girl towards them.
'Hello, I am Betty,' she said in a quiet little voice.
'Hi Betty, its lovely to meet you! Happy birthday!' Rosechan stooped down and shook the little girl's hand. Then she shook hands with Slappy, Niky and Sandora.

It was time for the performance, so Dee took them to a hall where all the children were already sitting, waiting in anticipation for the show to start. Niky and Sandora sat at the back with Dolly and a few other children. Rosechan went up to the front with Slappy as everyone clapped. She took a few sips of water, then gave a brief introduction and the show began.

The show went surprisingly well, but Rosechan was too caught up in her act and wonderful audience to think about it. The kids enjoyed themselves thoroughly, especially Dolly, who was watching Slappy, a look of admiration on her face. They were sad when it had to come an end, but Rosechan only had an hour to spare and she had been invited to have some cake, since she had refused to accept any money from them.

She also met the rest of the children and answered any questions they might have, even gave out autographs and everyone (including Sandora and Niky) had a group photo taken. Rosechan and her 2 friends were happily munching on their cake and chatting to everyone, when Rosechan glanced at her watch. It was time to go, so she bid everyone goodbye and the 4 left, just as Rosechan's father's car appeared. They gave Niky and Sandora a lift home.

On the drive back home, Rosechan evaluated her performance again. Slappy had been as good as gold. Where was the catch? Or had she finally managed to overpower him? And just what did he mean hen he said she would go far with him, would she become a famous ventriloquist? Would she be his next Jimmy O James? She could picture the banners now: The amazing Rosechan and her living dummy Slappy, or The spectacular dummy and doll act? Slappy was also dwelling on the performance. Rosechan had a certain something about her, something magical. She would be no ordinary slave, they would perform together. Just like he and Jimmy once did.

Back home, her brother and mother wanted to know how it had gone and offered her dinner, but she was already full. Bidding everyone goodnight, she went upstairs to her room. Satisfied by how well she had done, Rosechan decided to get changed and have a shower.

Placing Slappy on her bed, she took off her hat and cleaned her face of the make-up. Then she began undoing her tuxedo, she was starting to boil in it.
'No need to take it off, Dollface!' Slappy said. He suddenly reached out and placed his hand on her cheek
'Hey!- she protested in surprise. His hand felt warm on her cheek, almost human. He started to stroke her cheek.
'Relax, my beautiful Slave,' he said. Rosechan breathed in, then exhaled slowly, softly sighing .
'I hate you,' she murmured, well aware she was lying. Slappy looked on gleefully,  He stroked her neck and shoulder this time, which gave her goosebumps and sent tremors across her body. 'Slappy......' she sighed, her eyes rolling back in their sockets. Slappy leaned in towards her so his face was close to hers. She succumbed and let herself be taken away to a fantasy dream world by Slappy, wherever that was. Yes, she had finally cracked, but she didn't care. She felt safe in his arms.

At that moment, Dolly woke with a start, saying something in her sleep. Then she turned over and sank back into her slumber, her expression peaceful again.

The End

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