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Dolly and Sloane were walking together arm in arm by a beautiful lake under a wonderful starlit sky.
'I want us to be together, instead of just meeting in our dreams,' Dolly said emotionally.
'We will be my sweet Dolores, anytime soon. And I know the one who will bring us together,' replied Sloane, stroking her beautiful face.  They stopped and sat down to watch the lake together.
'I can't wait my dearest.' Dolly closed her eyes and let her head rest on his shoulder. Sloane smiled, his green eyes watching her tenderly.

It was past 9:00 on Saturday and Rosechan was still asleep. The ringing of the phone caused her to stir before she stretching and opening her eyes. She got up with a feeling of dread in her stomach when she remembered that she had been grounded. Even worse, she had brought Slappy home with her after the weird day she was having the day before. She stared glumly out  the window, realising she was stuck at home all day. Oh well, she could catch up on the homework she missed whilst at camp, and try to secretly contact Niky and Sandora.

As she went to the kitchen to pour herself a glass of juice, her mother came in.
'Morning Mummy,' she said with a tired smile.
'Morning Rosechan,' her mum gave her a kiss. 'There was a phone call for you, from the Home for the Kids. They said one of the girls is having a birthday party tomorrow and they were looking for an entertainer to do a ventriloquist act. I thought she must have had the wrong number as this it the first time I've heard about something like this?'
'Ahh yeah, I only recently took it up, its my new passion. But I wonder how she knew about me?' Rosechan explained to her mother, all the while wondering how they knew about her.
'I guess I'd better call and say I won't be able to do it, since I'm grounded,' she sighed. She would be somewhat relieved too, as she didn't want to inflict Slappy on anyone, least of all the children.
'Well...' Her mother seemed to have a change of heart. 'It is a charitable event after all, you know I always encourage you to do something charitable for the community. You may go.'
'Really? Thanks mum' she hugged her mum tightly.
'But you can only go for 1 hour,and you will be driven to and from the place. I would like to see this ventriloquist dummy.' Rosechan gulped, she wasnt ready to introduce Slappy to her family. But neither could she hide him forever. Slappy seemed ecstatic about the event and meeting the family and his green eyes turned mischievously.

'So, I will finally meet the family!' Slappy said.
'Sure Slappy, It's not like I have a choice! And don't you dare ruin it, or else I will throw you to the termites,' Rosechan threatened, shooting daggers at him.
'Hello mother!' he greeted her mum as she came in. Her mother was astounded by how well 'Rosechan' had done that.

Just then, the phone rang again, and Rosechan sighed with relief. Her mother later went out for coffee with a friend, so Rosechan had the whole day to prepare for the event. Not the act itself, which would be improvised, but doing her hair and getting her costume ready. Her mother had let her at least go out to look for one by herself, so Rosechan decided to be responsible and show that she could be trusted again. She left for the costume shop which had just opened up down the road from where she lived, with Slappy in tow.

'Afternoon', she greeted the gothic girl behind the counter. 'I'm here to buy a costume for my ventriloquist act tomorrow. What do you have?'
'Follow me,' said the girl, getting up from her chair and leading the way to a room filled with costumes galore: carnival costumes, fancy dress costumes, halloween costumes...Rosechan almost drowned in the colourful, sequinned, feathery ocean. There were so many to choose from. She looked through all the costumes carefully, until she came across a magician's outfit: black hat, black tux, tights and a black skirt. After trying it on and checking herself in the mirror, turning Slappy away from her (she was shy about getting dressed in front of others, even a dummy) she handed over $10 (they always made reductions for first time customers) and left the shop.

Hiding Slappy under her bed again(her bro was there with friends), she spent the rest of the afternoon first finishing her homework, doing her hair in different styles and
make up. Unbeknownst to her, she was being watched by cheeky green eyes from under the bed, even after she came out of the shower dressed in her pink night gown.

Before going to bed, She gave her two buddies a Face Call
'Hi Rosechan!' Called out Niky and Sandora from her screen.
'Hi girls, hows it going? Hope you had a nice day!'
'It was ok. We couldnt go out, but we managed to catch up on our missed schoolwork,' explained Niky
'And do some art,' added Sandora.
'Me too! Hey you'll never guess what,  I've been invited to do a performance at the home for the kids, a ventriloquist act with Slappy!'
'Wow, congratulations!' cheered Niky.
'Thanks! I really wish you 2 could come too though...'
'We'd love to!' Said Sandora excitedly.
'We'll just have to talk our parents into letting us go,' Niky added.
'Good idea, I dont want you to get into trouble. Just let them know its for charity,  hey  it worked for me!'
'Ok Rosechan! We'll let you know tomorrow morning!' Niky promised.
'Hopefully see you tomorrow!' Sandora added.
'Great! Good night darlings!' She switched her computer off then got into bed. She had finished all her school work, so she could go to bed early to think about her act the next day and dream about Boomer.  She sighed as she looked at the photos of them together.  She missed him already. She fell asleep with a smile across her face, his photo by her heart.

At the Home for the Kids, everyone was having their Quiet Time before bed. At this time the children could do anything they wanted as long as it was quiet. Announcements were usually made too.
'Now everyone, as most of you know, it's Betty's birthday tomorrow, and weve hired an entertainer for you all!' Cheers filled the air. It wasnt often they got a treat like this, usually only for a special occasion like Christmas, Halloween, birthday or a new child joining-if they were lucky they went to a show otherwise it was just a party in the home. The home was low on money and relied on donations mostly. Rosechan knew this,  so she had refused any payment.
'We will be visited by a young lady who will be doing a ventriloquist act for us!' Dolly's eyes lit up in joy. She loved dolls.

The End

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