The sweet goodbyeMature

'Are you OK girls?'
'Boomer!!' cried Rosechan happily.
'Thank goodness! We got lost in the woods,' Sandora explained.
'Now we are stuck here in this pit!' said Niky.
'Hold on, ill get you out.' He put the torch down on the ground then pulled out a rope from his bag. He tied it around himself then reached out the end to Alicechan, who tied it round herself and climbed out. Then Niky, Sandora and finally Rosechan. He was incredibly strong. It was great to be out of the pit.

'Oh Boomer, you found us!' Rosechan threw her arms around him happily. 'I never thought I would see you again. '
'Im so glad I found you, I got worried,' Boomer replied, embracing her tightly. The others looked on happily, thinking how romantic they were embracing passionately in the rain. Just like a movie love scene.

'My truck's here, I'll take you girls back,' Boomer offered. They were just about to leave when Rosechan suddenly remembered something.
'Excuse me a moment everyone, there is one thing I have to do,' and she rushed back to the pit again, lying down on her front and reaching her arm in.
'No, Rosechan!' everyone cried and rushed to stop her. Boomer grabbed her hand and pulled her up, afraid she might slide into the pit again.
'Sorry guys, I just had to get him. I know he is evil, but he is my responsibility after all.' They quickly got into Boomer s car.

'How did you find us Boomer?' Asked Alicechan.
'I was in the middle of training, when I received a call from counsellor Diane.  She told me there was trouble,  that four girls were missing. I left right away to go find you. I was told where the bus was last, so once I got to the gas station I realised the one place you could be was the forest. Luckily, I know my way around these parts pretty well.'
'Wow, you saved us, just in time!' Said Sandora happily.
'Sorry to put you through so much trouble and make you leave earlier,' said Rosechan sheepishly.
'No trouble at all, id do anything to help you girls,' he smiled at her. 'Now, is there anyone hungry? I brought some snacks.'
'Yeah! Thanks Boomer,' said the girls, who hadn't eaten for hours and were hungry. They were also cold and wet, and were happy to be inside the warm car and on their way back to the others. Boomer handed them the snacks then started up the truck.

They reached the bus in 20 minutes, and were just about to get out when Rosechan said, 'You go along girls, I'll be there in a minute.' The other girls went over to the bus and got on. Miss Court was there waiting, a worried look on her face.
'I never thought I'd see you again Rosechan,' said Boomer emotionally.
'Me neither, ' replied Rosechan just as emotionally. She looked straight into his deep brown eyes, getting lost in them.
'I'm gonna miss you Rosechan,' he said softly.
'And I'll miss you too, Boomer,' said Rosechan. 'I wish I didn't have to go, ' she said regretfully.
'I wish you didn't have to either,but you'd better before you get into trouble,' replied Boomer.
'Heh, I couldnt get into any more trouble than I am in already, even if I tried,' grinned Rosechan sheepishly. Suddenly Boomer tipped her chin up towards him and kissed her on the lips. It was such a sweet gentle kiss, Rosechan wished it would last forever. She kissed him back as he held her in his arms. Just before she left he put something into her hand.
'Look at it when you get home,' he advised. She smiled and went back to the bus as quickly as she could, with him watching her.

Luckily none of the teachers or fellow campers had seen them. She and the other 3 were then given a stern talking to back on the bus, how  irresponsible and immature they had been to do something so dangerous as to leave without telling anyone, worrying the teachers who were responsible for their safety on the trip and holding up the whole bus. All 4 girls were grounded.

Rosechan's punishment was harsher-she was banned from any social activities at school, including the Picture Club and school paper. Niky, Sandora and Alicechan looked gloomy on the way back home. 'I'm so sorry, guys,' Rosechan whispered to them. They smiled back at her, as a sign that they understood and were not mad. As the bus pulled out, she saw Boomer's truck leaving too. Goodbye, my dearest Boomer, she said sadly through the window, blowing a kiss.

It seemed like ages when Rosechan woke up, she didnt even remember falling asleep. She was exhausted after everything she had been through.
'Rosechan, I have to get off here, see you in school tomorrow!' Alicechan said, tapping her on the arm.
'Ok Alicechan, see you tomorrow, sleep well!' smiled Rosechan, giving her a hug. She looked around. Most people had already gotten off, it was just her, Niky, Sandora and a couple of boys left. Her 2 friends had had a nap too, it seemed. Pretty soon it was her stop.'See you tomorrow girls!' she hugged both Niky and Sandora. 'Sleep well!'
'Good night Rosechan, see you tomorrow!' they replied. Miss Court escorted her to her flat.
'See you in school tomorrow Rosechan, I hope you will feel better,' said Miss Court as the door opened. Rosechan was so exhausted she collapsed into her parents' arms. She didnt even notice Miss Court come inside.

At that moment, something shuffled about in the luggage compartment of the bus. Slappy woke up from under a pile of jackets and luggage, coughing. The air that had been knocked out of him had come back. He remembered everything that had happened, in particular his slave squashing him flat in the fall. His eyebrows were raised and his wooden lips curled up into a devious smile.

The End

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