Dummy ForeverMature

Slappy lay there in the duffle bag, with no space to move.  He had had a hard day, getting up early to sneak into the back of the school bus, doing his best not to be caught. Then he had to endure the long journey which was bumpy at times, meaning he couldn't even get out for some air until they has gotten to the camp and his slave had opened the bag. He hated to admit it, but he felt so powerless without her for even a day. And now he had to stay in the damn bag for a whole night. It was alright for her, she was tucked up in a warm sleeping bag in a tent together with her friends. He was all alone and cold. The cheek of it all! He was not going to endure a cold, uncomfortbale night stuffed in a duffle bag.

'No, no! Get away from me!!' It was midnight, and Rosechan was running for her life, trying to get away from something. She was dressed in a beautiful black sleeveless gown, a bit like a vampire bride from a horror movie. She heard footsteps behind her, and ncreased her speed. Her pursuer was wearing wooden platform shoes, which tappety-tapped on the ground as he ran .The footsteps got closer.

'You can't escape me, Rosechan!' Slappy's voice got louder. He was gaining on her! She had to keep running, even though she was exhausted. She knew she couldn't run forever, and pretty soon she would collapse on the ground. She ran into a cloud of something fluttery. Not something-many things. Moths! Rosechan hated moths. She tried to get out of the mothy cloud, but the moths wouldn't get out of her way. She finally lost her footing, and fell crashing to the ground.

'Ive got you now, slave!!' Slappy had caught her. She felt helpless, unable to move or get up. She passed out.

When she woke up a while later, she was lying down on a wooden bench in what seemed like Frankenstein s laboratory. The room was dark and there were candles, their flickering flames casting eerie shadows on the wall. She couldn't move her arms or legs, shed been bound to the bench.

'Relax, make yourself comfy my beautiful slave,' Slappy said to her, caressing her face. 'Youv've got nothing to be scared of.' Next to him him was a doll in a plastic case. She wore a Victorian dress and had a crack down her neck which resembled a scar.

'Anytime now, my bride,' he said as he picked up a book, which was nearly as big as him.

'Forgive me Slappy,' pleaded Rosechan. She would have to do better than that. 'Please forgive me master Slappy, I will never run away again. I will stay and be your slave forever,' she begged, trying to appease him. But he wasn't listening. Instead Leafed through the book and found the page he was looking for.  He began to read.

'Karru marri odonna loma molonu karrano!'

'No, no!!'screamed Rosechan.'anything but that!' But it was too late. Slappy had finished uttering the magic words and Rosrchan startes to suffocate. She tried to scream but no sound came out. All she could do was watch in horror as the lifeless doll slowly changed from cild white to a warm fleshy pink, turning human. At the same time Rosechan felt her body getting hard. She looked down at her legs and feet, which had turned to wood.

'We are reunited at last, my bride!' Cried Slappy happily. The doll's beautiful deep blue eyes flicked open and Slappy extended his arm to her, pulling her close towards him. Rosrchan screamed one final silent acream before she was silenced forever.

The End

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