Camp 'Express Yourself'Mature

The next day a group of Wacky High kids were all going on a camping trip to Camp Express Yourself for 2 days, a camp for talented kids.

Rosechan and her 2 new friends were going, and so was Alicechan, Rosechan's scrabbly sista, who was going to take part in the music activities. They had all been put into groups, and for some reason was in the same group as her 2 friends, the painting group, even though she wasnt good at it. Her mum had helped her pack her luggage, even though she would only be taking one duffle bag with her clothes, food, art equipment,camera and diary.

The bus came at around 7:00, just as Rosechan and her mum had finished packing. Giving her parents and bro a kiss goodbye, she got onto the bus where she located Alicechan. She had been so busy recently with the Slappy horror and Alicechan with her composition, that they didnt get a chance to meet up. They managed to catch up a little, then the bus stopped by each of the other houses and picked up the rest of the kids, including Niky and Sandora. Rosechan introduced her lovely new friends to Alicechan and they had a nice time, chatting on the bus until they got to the camp.

It was still October, so it was gloomy out, a cold wind stripping the trees of their leaves abd swirling them around people's feet.There were altogether 24 students, 12 girls and 12 boys and 4 teachers, including the art teacher, the music teacher, dance coach and miss Winter, the head of the arts department. She was  a middle aged stern lady with high standards, so students were sometimes afraid of her. She was very critical, but praised and encouraged students too, so  whenever people got praised for their work, they knew it was genuine. She reminded Roschan of Miss Banshee, except that she didn't scream as loudly as her.

'Good morning everybody! I am counsellor Diane, welcome to 'Express Yourself!' We hope you will enjoy your time here! And this is counsellor Boomer.'
'Uh, hi everyone, it's great to see you all here!' Boomer greeted everyone. The students all greeted them back. He is hot! Thought Rosechan, Getting a crush on him.Indeed, he was a tall, muscular fit type, but nothing like the boys at school-he seemed kind of shy and had a stutter, which Rosechan thought was cute.

'Alright guys, lets all pitch up the tents and then we can unpack,' miss Court the art teacher said. There were 4 tents in total. It took almost 2 hours to set them up.
'Wow, setting up tents sure isn't easy,' groaned Rosechan.
'Yeah, I'm exhausted and just want to sit down for a while!' Sandora agreed. Rosechan would be in a tent together with Sandora, Niky and Alicechan. They would have fun together during the day, go hiking too maybe, eat together and then stay up all night telling each other ghost stories.

They opened their luggage then and Rosechan suffered the misfortune of having Slappy jumping out at her, cackling his trademark evil laugh and spinning his green eyes. How did you get in? She wondered. He must have snuck in at some point, perhaps he had hidden himself in the bus' luggage compartment?She had totally forgotten about him and now she sighed to think he had come with her. Could his slave not enjoy a simple camping trip for a couple of days? She would have to keep him hidden away somehow so he wouldn't scare any of the others. She could also get into trouble if the teachers thought she was bringing her toys with her, which weren't allowed.

After they had all unpacked, Everybody had a bit of free time before the activities started. Some kids were resting, others were exploring their surroundings. Rosechan and Sandora went to meet the rest of the counsellors and got talking to Boomer. He was older than them and finished with high school. He waa also a boxer, Rosechan imagined he must be quite good and was impressed by how gentle he was,helping Sandora up when she slipped on the wet grass.
'Thats Boomer, our loveable goofball!' Laughed counsellor Rick. Rosechan marvelled at him, she was fickle that way.
'Isnt he sweet, Sandora?' Rosechan gushed.
'Yes he is, and a gentleman! Hey you don't have a crush on him already,do you??' She grinned playfully at Rosechan, who went bright red and giggled sheepishly.

The two girls went to join the others and explore their surroundings. There was a chill in the air and the forest was enveloped in a dim fog, which made it seem all the more eerie. The trees had a creepy feeling about them too. It wasnt the sort of place you wanted to stay out after dark. Rosechan wasnt really a fan of the outdoors, especially in winter when it was too cold to go out unless you wore layers of clothes. She did enjoy being out jn the summer though, when she could go swimming. She couldnt wait for summer to arrive. Starting to feel the chill, everybody went back to the tents.

After about an hour, everybody waa separated into their groups. Rosechan's group had to draw their surroundings. The 8 students all sat down pn the grass, some with sketchpads, others with easels.It was difficult for Rosechan to draw all the leaves on the trees, but after a whole hour practicing she started to get better. Next, they had to colour. Some used paint, others pencils or crayons. They continued after lunch, until the late afternoon.

At the Home for the Kids, the children were having an art lesson too. This was Dolly's hidden talent. She was usually shy and didn't like talking much, but she was very bold in her art work. She got her easel ready and then tried to think of something that would inspire her. She pictured herself and Sloane together. They were dancing in a field full of veautiful flowers, hm dressed in a black tuxedo, she in a blue gown. He held her close as they danced around together. She felt wonderful in his embrace which she missed so much. He held her close to his heart, breathing in all of her. She could feel his warm embrace as she buried her face in his chest. They both smiled as they held each other, gently moving. 'Sloane...' Dolly sighed. She wished he could be dancing with her in the flesh.
'Ok class, time is up, time for lunch!' Suzanne's voice pulled her out of her dreams. Then She came round to inspect everyone's art. Suzanne was one of the guardians, an the only one who Dolly would speak to. She always listened and tried to help Dolly as much as she could.
'Why Dolly, this is the most beautiful painting you've done yet! Is there a story behind it?' Dolly's painting depicted 2 lovers, dancing together. The boy's reddish brown hair and beautiful green eyes shone right through the paper.
'Yes there is,' smiled Dolly, 'But it doesn't have an ending yet.'

A few hours later, it was almost time for dinner. The campers had had a tiring but fun day, first setting up the tents, then meeting all the counsellors, doing their activities for nearly the whole of the day and finally they had gone on a hike though the woods, together with the teachers and counsellors. Rosechan and Sandora had been collecting leaves and interesting rocks, which they could use for their art. She had not thought of Slappy the whole day, in fact she almost forgot he was there. Exhausted, the campers sat round the campfire, eating beans, sausages, toast and singing campfire songs.
'Ok everyone, time to sleep,' Miss Winter said.
'But it's only 7:00pm!' One of the boys Mikey protested.
'Yes, but we have an early start tomorrow,' Miss Winter reminder him. Besides, you will all be exhausted.'

Everybody got ready for bed, but of course they wouldn't be going to sleep so quickly. They were still excited by their surroundings and couldn't wait to tell ghost stories. Everyone in Rosechan' s tent played a game where each person had to continue the story.
'Rosechan, it's your turn!' Sandora said.
'What? Oh, sorry guys I wsnt paying attenttion,' Rosechan said, embarrassed. In truth she wasn't feeling well, it was that time of the month again.
'Sorry guys, I'm not feeling too well,' she apologised.
'Whats the matter, can we help?' Offered Niky.
'No that's ok, I just need some fresh air. Don't worry about me, I will be fine. ' Usually when she was in that situation, she would have some time for herself and she would be better.

Putting on her sweater she got out of the tent and walked over near to the lake, where she stood gazing at the stars. It was a cold night and she shivered a little, wrapping her arms around herself to keep warm.
'Troubles sleeping, huh?' She turned around.
'Hi Boomer,' she smiled when she saw him.
'Hi Rosechan, shouldn't you be in bed at this time?'
'Yeah, but I'm not feeling too well so wanted to get some fresh air.'
'Can I do anything? I'd hate for you to be unwell.'
'Its enough that you're out here with me,' she said grateful. She shivered just then and he saw. He put his hands around her shoulders, rubbing them gently. That felt good, thought Rosechan, who often suffered from a stiff back and shoulders. Suddenly Boomer stopped, thinking that maybe he shouldn't have done that.
'I'm so sorry Rosechan, I hope I didn't offend ya, I just saw that you're shivering and wanted to warm you up,'
'That's ok Boomer, it was nice. Thanks,' she turned her head to face him, moving in closer. He put his arms around her. Rosechan felt better, warmer and her pains ceased. This is nice, thought Rosechan. He wasnt doing anything wrong, quite the opposite. They had to be careful though, because if anyone caught them, they would both be in trouble especially him, as he could lose his job. They stayed like that until he said,
'I'll take you back, Rosechan, it's getting late.'
'Ok. I feel much better now, thanks to you.' He walked her back to her tent. Before she left she gave him a kiss. He was pleasantly stunned.

When she got inside, everyone was already asleep. She squeezed into her sleeping bag, between Alichechan and Sandora. She'd had a lovely day, not to mention a few nice moments with her crush, so now she was tired. Happiness made her sleepy so she fell asleep straight away. Master Slappy wouldn't be bothering her sleep tonight. Wrong.

The End

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