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Dolly was dreaming about him again. Sloane often appeared in her dreams, usually to comfort her in times of trouble. They were sitting at a table, facing each other
'Dont give up hope. I know its hard right now, but we will meet again,very soon,' he said softly to her, caressing her face gently.
'But when?' Said Dolly, her sad deep blue eyes looking into his green eyes. 'I've missed you so much!'
'Any time now,' he said with a sweet smile. I've missed you too my Dolores...' He took her little hand in his and kissed her gently 'We won't have long to wait.'
'Dont go!' She begged as he started to fade away.
'I must go my dearest, but any time now... I love you Dolores...' He said as he faded away, stroking her cheek and giving her a beautiful smile. Dolly turned in her sleep, a sweet smile on her face.

What on earth happened, how did I...? Rosechan thought, staring at her reflection. She was dressed in a beautiful white wedding dress, her hair done up beautifully. Weird, she thought. Am I not a little too young for this? Suddenly her face looked different, more mature maybe, or tired? She got up and opened the door,which lead out into a giant hall, like a church. There were people sitting in the pews. At the very end of the giant hall was a priest holding a book,and facing him a young man in a smart black tuxedo. She didn't stop until she got to him, all the while looking for her parents and bro, who she hoped would be there to witness her big day. As she stood next to him, he said 'There you are Rosechan, I've been waiting for you'- as he turned to face her,'my bride!' The groom had turned into Slappy and Rosechan screamed, almost fainting. As she turned around in horror, she noticed all the people weren't actually people at all but dummies, and they all laughed at her,their wooden mouths clackety-clacking open and shut. She turned and ran trying to get away from it all, catching sight of her hands, which to her horror, had turned wooden. She held them up to her face screaming in terror as little woodworms started to ooze out. Her legs too had turned to wood and she felt she couldn't run. 'NO!' She suddenly woke up, breathing rapidly until she began to clam down a little. She looked at the clock,it read 01:00 am. She had had a weird scary day, and now a scary night too. She wished she had never looked for a new job in the first place, then she would never have met Slappy again. She was feeling the stress, and wished she could tell someone about what was going on. But she couldn't even tell her parents. She didn't want to go back to sleep, afraid of what she might dream next.

In the school locker, Slappy was asleep and dreaming too. He found himself in what seemed like an decrepit attic which was full of old furniture,paintings and toys. He wondered what he was doing there or who had put him there. He was looking around at his surroundings, when something caught his eye in the far corner. He walked over to it and on close inspection saw it was a glass case with a beautiful doll inside. 'Hello, there!' He cried out happily. 'Wait a minute...why do I feel as if I know you?' he wondered, somewhat puzzled. Just who was she? He never found out, because at that moment something woke him from his dreams. The school bell.

The next morning, Rosechan tried her best to get to school without falling asleep on the way. She hadn't had a very restful night. As she walked through the school hall to get to her locker, she noticed 2 girls she had never seen before. They were obviously new and she wanted to go over to them and say hello, and show them round. She loved meeting new people and helping them out. But before she could do either, she heard her name being shouted:

'Rosechan!' It was miss Turner, the deputy head. 'What is the meaning of this?'
'What is it Miss Turner?' Rosechan replied in surprise.
'Come here,' the teacher replied, getting angrier. Rosechan followed her to the lockers,where every single one had red paint all over its door. Rosechan was horrified. She unlocked her locker,inside was Slappy, sitting in a pool of red. All her books had been covered in red paint. She just stood and stared for ages
'Well? What is the meaning of this?' her teacher shouted,getting impatient.
'Um, I'm wondering that myself too, miss.' And then,a most bizarre thing happened. She found herself confessing against her will.
'It was me, I did it all' she tried to clamp a hand over her mouth to stop anymore rubbish pouring out. 'I took some red paint and painted the lockers,then put it back in my locker next to my dummy, so that it would look like he had done it instead,hehehe!' she covered her mouth again. 'Please don't be mad at him, it was all my doing!' Miss Turner stared at her as if she were mad.
'This is hardly a laughing matter missy! Why would you do something like this?'
'Because I thought the lockers were bit dull and boring, being the same colour all the time, so decided to brighten them up a little.'
'Alright that's enough!' Barked miss Turner. 'You'd better go to the heads office and explain what you just told me! I doubt he will find it very amusing either.'
In the heads office, Rosechan gave the exact same explanation. As a result she was commended for her honesty but was given detention for vandalising school property, not to mention, a long lecture on how school property should be respected at all times.

She left the office glumly, Slappy tucked under her arm. Being his Slave was harder than she anticipated, and she couldn't see a way out any time soon. She was about to put him back into her locker, when someone called her again.
'Hey Rosechan! Time for improv club, are you coming?' It was Ginny, her classmate from the drama club.
'Hi Ginny! Yes I am, please wait while I put this back...'
'Hey, he looks funny!' Said Ginny, seeing Slappy.'Bring him to class! He can perform for us.'
'Uh, I don't think that's such a good idea, and I'm not really a practicing ventriloquist anyway, and...'
'No excuses! Besides, we will be late.' She grabbed Rosechan by the hand and pulled her along.

When they got to the drama room, all the members were there, and being a small class, there werent many. Rosechan also noticed 2 new members, the girls she had seen that morning but never got a chance to talk to, She smiled at them before sitting down, giving them a little wave. The improv club was an optional activity and had been set up by the students themselves and was dedicated to performances- dance, drama, poetry, comedy, etc. The club put on many performances, especially for the holidays. It was usually on during free class or lunch time. Free class meant that there weren't any lessons, so students could use this time to study, write assignments, do a project, practice music or sport, join a club or even take a doctors appointment. This was also handy if any of the the students/teachers needed to take a morning off. Some authorities disapproved of free class as they claimed it wasnt educational and a waste of time, but because of this Wacky High's students had actually done quite well, and were ahead of even the most famous schools. Which only proved that having free time to express oneself other than studying all the time did the students a lot of good.

'Hello everyone, and welcome to another session of improv class! Before we start, I have a few announcements to make. First, Halloween is coming up, so any ideas as to what we should do in honour would be very welcome indeed. Second, we have 2 new girls, welcome to our club!' Everyone greeted them. 'Now, Rosechan has brought a puppet with her today, maybe you'd like to introduce it?'
'Uh, he is a ventriloquist Dummy, actually,' said Rosechan, a tad agitated by Ginny's ignorance.
'Puppet, Dummy, whatever,' Ginny smiled somewhat sarcastically. She was the leader of the group and a bit of a popular girl type.
'Please go ahead, Rosechan,' smiled Danielle, Ginny's friend.
'Ok, here goes,' Rosechan got Slappy into position on her lap, put her hand behind his head and began.
'So, welcome to the improv club, Slappy! We are all about performing, so I'm sure you will like it here,' she said with a shy smile. 'Say hi to the lovely people Slappy.' Slappy turned his head around, raising his eyebrows before his wooden mouth opened.
'Hello, Ginny! So, you think I'm funny do ya? Well, I think your face is a scream! Hahahahaa!'
'Hey!' Cried Ginny. 'What you doing Rosechan?'
'Slappy, that wasnt nice, apologise!'
Danielle, Ginny's friend giggled at the funny remark.
'Oh not you too!' Ginny berated her.
'And you,' he said, turning to Danielle, 'Shouldnt you eat more? Pretty soon, you'd be able to play your ribs like a xylophone!'
'Stop it Slappy!' Shouted Rosechan. 'I'm sorry guys, its not me!'
'Hey! I'm not that skinny! Take it back! I've always defended you Rosechan, and this is how you treat me?'
'Its not my doing!' Cried Rosechan, nearly in tears.
'And you two can be my slaves!' Slappy turned to the 2 new girls. Oh no, thought Rosechan, not the new girls Slappy, please, they look lovely! Slappy continued with the insults, which had everyone getting angry at Rosechan except the new girls, who didn't seem to mind and thought it was some funny act.
'I'm so sorry guys, we are leaving. I told you I was no good Ginny! I'm so sorry everyone, it's him, he is cursed! I can't control him!' But she realised that this talk made her sound all the more crazy and only convinced the girls further that it was her doing. The girls were relieved to watch her go.
'You are crazy! And don't come back!' Yelled Ginny after her. So now she had been kicked out of the club too. Rosechan felt terrible. It was time for lunch, so she went to the cafeteria.

'Who needs that drama club anyway?' Retorted Slappy. 'We will perform solo! Now get me some wood chips slave, I haven't eaten in years!'
'No way Slappy! Not after the way you just behaved. Besides, I don't know where they are.' She got her lunch, then sat down at an empty table, putting Slappy on the chair next to her. Just then, she saw the 2 girls from her drama class coming towards her. Feeling afraid of what they might say, she bundled Slappy under her jacket and hid behind her history book, to look as if she was busy studying. Too late.
'Hey, you're the girl with the dummy, aren't you?' Said one of the girls
'Sadly,yes! I'm so sorry for what happened in class, I didn't mean for him to say those things, especially to you girls. If you want to punch me in the face and berate me, please go ahead. Everybody else hates me already.' She braced herself.
'Oh no, that's not what we came for!' Said the other girl.
'We wanted say hi and see your dummy! We thought he was funny!' Said her friend.
'Uh, you have? You're not mad at me?' Rosechan was surprised.
'No! We think that's an amazing talent to have, and we kind of have an interest in dolls and dummies,' explained the first girl.'By the way, I'm Niky!'
'And I'm Sandora!' The second girl introduced herself.
'I'm Rosechan,' Rosechan held out her hand relieved and let them sit at the table. 'So happy to meet you two, especially with similar tastes to mine! Its hard to find people with the same interests, a lot of my classmates are into anything girls are new right?'
'Yes!' Said Sandora. 'We moved up here at a similar time.'
'We are neighbours, living in the same building,' said Niky. 'This is a nice area to live, everyone is so friendly.'
'So, how long have you been performing ventriloquism?'
'Um, not long actually,' admitted Rosechan. 'Only a couple of days.'
'Wow, but you're amazing!' Sandora was astonished.
'Thanks!'Rosechan blushed. 'But to tell the truth, it's not really ventriloquism, it's not really my doing...'
'So where is your dummy?' Asked Niky.
'Um, he's...Rosechan said reluctantly.
'Hey slave! Get me out of this jacket before I boil! You have no idea how hot it is here! It's easy for you, you're wearign a t-shirt but I'm stuck in this suit I can't get out of, and now your jacket!' The girls gasped as they heard the voice, then looked towards the shaking jacket.
'How...?!' Niky was astonished.
'You didn't even move your lips, and you had your hand on the table the whole time, so how did you do that?' Wondered Sandora.
'Well...' Rosechan began. 'Its a long story, and very hard to explain. You won't believe me, but here goes.' And she told them all about Slappy.
'Wow, so is he like a living doll?' said Niky in amazement.
'Yes, as crazy as it sounds'
'But that's... That's even more amazing than just a ventriloquist dummy!' Said Sandora, excited.
'Yeah, but he is evil too. No idea who has cursed him, or why. i really wish i knew.' At that moment Slappys muffled voice called out again.
'Hey slave! I said get me out of here!' Rosechan took the jacket of him and got him out, placing him on the table.
'Happy now? And don't you dare hurt my friends!'
'I'm starving! All that work does make a dummy hungry. Get me some woodchips, and I will go easy on your friends!' Slappy said.
'Ok, fine!' Sighed Rosechan. 'Lets go, shall we? We can go up to the woodwork room, they will have chips there. And there's 10 mins left.' So the 3 girls and Slappy left to go to the woodwork room, where Slappy dived into a pile of woodchips, munching happily. Rosechan sighed and sat down.

School was coming to a close, and Rosechan was on her way to her locker.
'Hey Rosechan!' Niky and Sandora called out to her.
'Hey girls! Lovely to see you again. Are you free this afternoon? I thought maybe you would like to come to mine for a bit.'
'Sure!' Said Niky.
'Me too! Let me just get my things for tomorrow,' said Sandora as she opened her locker. Rosechan noticed some pages inside, with cartoons on them. They looked amazing, so professional.
'Sandora, did you draw them? You have an exceptional talent!'
'Yes I did, and thank you so much!'
'You must join the drawing club here then, you'll be just what they need,' explained Rosechan.
'Id like to join too, I love drawing!' Chimed in Niky.
'Yes, you should Niky, your art is amazing too!' Marvelled Rosechan over her drawings. I wish I could draw. But I'm not bad with a camera, so I'm part of the picture club!' As the girls left the school, Rosechan explained about all the different groups and activities the school had to offer. She felt happy to have met 2 new friends after her ordeals, and relieved to be free of Slappy for the afternoon at least. At hers they had hot choc each with cakes and cookies. Then they spent the afternoon looking at her books, telling each other their life stories and drawing. Rosechan even introduced them to her parents and brother.

The End

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