I'm back!Mature

Rose-chan meets her old foe again, Slappy the Dummy. She agrees to become his slave at last, thinking there is a way out of all this. Slowly, she finds herself falling for the loathsome ventriloquist doll-surely not...?

'Hello? Mr James? Ive come about the cleaning job...'she called out nervously, feeling more uneasy by the second. Oh stop it! she berated herself, youre almost 16 years old, stop being scared! There was no reply.

Things weren't too peachy for Rosechan. She was a lot busier now in the older class at Wacky High, only 1 more year to go before college, with important tests and assignments to do. It was now the holidays and she had finished most of her assignments, but she had another problem: cash. Since more staff had been hired, she had been given only 1 shift at the place she worked, where she had done 4 shifts. Which meant she was low on cash and decided to look for an extra job. She didn't care what kind of job it was, she would be happy with even private tutoring a couple of times a week, and some people she knew paid good money for this, and specially for babysitting for a couple of hours a week. Maybe she would be lucky enough to work for somebody famous even? Or maybe she could offer her services as a performer/ comedian at Wackyland's Comedy Bar, 1 Night a week. But people probably wouldn't pay to see an amateur performer, not to mention her parents wouldn't be happy for her to stay out late. So that idea had been scrapped.

It had been a Sunday afternoon, her parents were enjoying the beautiful weather in the park and Antony was at his piano lesson. She was sitting with a cup of coffee in her room, a pile of papers on the table. She picked up the first one, the Wacky High Gazette from yesterday. She was a member of the editorial team and quite often her pictures appeared. As fun as it was, it didn't earn her any cash. She giggled as she came across the photo of her with Stephanie and Beavis and Butthead-from their time out on Friday night. She no longer hated the boys and they no longer found her uncool. The paper also advertised jobs, but mainly student jobs, nothing eyes happen to fall on an ad that read 'Cleaner Wanted'. Cleaner? she frowned. She knew the choices were limited but she was expecting something a little more exciting. But something urged her to read on, almost as if the ad were calling her, that it was especially there for her. Might as well take it she thought, it doesn't sound as boring as car washer or sandwich courier. The pay was quite good and it was only twice a week. She was also intrigued by the address, it was a quiet hidden place, in the opposite direction of the Cryptkeeper's mansion- a spooky old ramshackle, surrounded by nothing but a forest and Rosechan loved spooky places. It had been posted by a Mr James, maybe he was someone rich? Her curiosity got the better of her so she decided to investigate there and then. She got out her bike and zoomed off.

She usually hated cycling on the weekend as it was full of traffic, but the forest was more peaceful and there were hardly any people in that area. This was because people tended to stay away as they believed it to be haunted. Sometimes curious kids would turn up, but that was all. She reached the place and left her bike outside the gate. The afternoon sunshine filtered through the branches. Feeling a little uneasy she opened the door and crept in.

'Hello?' she called out again. Maybe it would have been better to call first, but then she remembered that oddly there was no contact number. She began to regret ever coming here, especially since she didn't know the man - what if it had been in fact some psycho, who wanted to kidnap and murder her? She carried on, even though her instinct was telling her to get out of there as soon as possible. The house was dark inside, the only light was from outside, which filtered through the windows and cracks in the walls.

'Hello? Mr James?'

'Im in here,' an eerie voice called out at last, making her jump.

'Uh, I've come about the job', she stammered, as she pushed open the door,squinting through the gloom to get a better view. There was no one in the room, only a swivel chair with its back to her. The voice spoke again:

'Come right in, ive been expecting you - the chair suddenly swiveled to face her- ROSECHAN!' The wooden mouth broke into a fit of evil cackles as Rosechan screamed in terror. Slappy the evil dummy was back.

The End

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