The Retriever's GuardianMature

Chapter 4 Good and Bad Must Exist Together

"Quite a long time ago, parents gave birth to twins in the other world. They looked exactly alike, but their attitudes were the exact opposite. To simplify things, one was good, and the other was bad.
On that same day in Key Pavillion, your parents gave birth to you. We thought that one of the twins would be your other, but the time the children came out was the same. Not even by a second could we tell them apart.
Being so, we thought that a miracle has happened since it was the first time three children were to be connected together. However, we were wrong. More evil came out instead of good. This balance was disrupted when an extra person came to be. If people from your world did good things, we would do bad to counteract the situation. Yet, the twins did both, causing the disruption.
Your quest now is to combine the two twins into one. Then you are able to transform with them. If you do that, your thoughts are combined and good would burst through into another world where only that exists. Will you be able to accept the challenge?"
"Well..." I scratched my head in thought. "I get the part where I have to combine the twins, but I am still confused about the transformation."
"You'll see when you meet us..."
Light swirled around me and a hole appeared with a luxurious green forest ahead. I walked through and found myself face to face with two boys.

--to be continued--

(this chapter has not ended)

The End

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