The Retriever's GuardianMature

Chapter 3 My Transformation

"You are really going to pay for this." Come on... where is Tyron when I need him. I whistled and jumped out the window. I landed on Gravelon just in time.
"Please take me home..." I looked behind me and saw the girl follow me. "And try to lose the girl in the process."
I flew at incredible speed. Soon I lost her. I looked and spotted my house in the distance. Gravelon landed and I got off. "Don't let her in." I patted my friend and went in.
I jumped up the flight of stairs and went into my drawer. No. No. NO! Where is the key? Could she have came in already? I went out the window and landed on my feet. The tunnel was opened. I climbed in and walked passed the already lit torches along the walls. Someone knows this place well. I am the only one that goes in here. Tyron!
He was standing there in front of the barrier and turned to face me.
"Why are you here?" I took step forward with my dagger in hand. "Why are you helping the criminal?" I charged at him and he tumbled to the floor.
"Wait! Stop!" He pushed me back.
"Explain yourself." I took a jagged rock from the floor and held it to his neck.
"I have no idea what happened. When I came home today from patrolling the streets, I felt a strong power coming from outside. I was attracted to it and that lead me through the tunnel. I was only here only a while ago. I really have no clue what's going on. Please forgive me mistress if I was intruding with something important."
I let go of the grip and stood up. It was a bit strange for him to actually arrive here. I turned and faced the barrier. The magical power surrounding the book was weakening drastically. Someone other than Tyron must have opened it.
I reached out and placed my hand on the barrier. A bright light shone upon the whole cavern and Tyron reached out to stop me but got entangled within the light himself. I looked around and spotted an area of darkness. I thought that it was the darkness within the cave, an escape hole. However, I was wrong. When I went towards that light, I underwent a horrible transformation...

"STARIN!!!" I screamed as I was sucked into the light. "Mistress, where are you?" I turned my head frantically in search for her. Maybe it was a little too early to call upon the powers... Oh how I hate it when my plans go wrong.
"No matter what, your choice have already been made."
"Who's out there? Mistress, is that you?" Nothing around me moved.
"It is yourself of which you are speaking to. I am you and you are me."
"What in Averon are you talking about?"
"Everyone has another self living in a different dimension leading different lives. I am your other you."
"Okay... I get it so far, but what does that have to do with mistress?"
"Slow down, and just listen. You have a different form in the other world than anyone else. Your other self is in the form of twin siblings."
"Okay now I think I'm leaving. I have no clue what you are talking about, and I have to find my mistress." I started walking around, but the voice kept following me.
"You are unable to leave until you are able to accept this fate and complete this quest. Do you wish me to continue?"
"Oh fine. Whatever..." I sat on a chair that suddenly appeared in thin air and began to listen to the story of my transformation. 

The End

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