The Retriever's GuardianMature

Chapter 2 You Can Hide, but You Can't Run

Things need to be done, and right now. Lectures to be made, breakfast, lunch, and dinner too.
I knocked on the door. "Master, your food is ready." Then I went back down that marble staircase and back into the book I go.
"... Averon is a country of war. Peace they do not know. Peace they do not seek. Power they have, but they cannot keep. In that old wooden floor beholds..."
I really wonder if it is that easy to sneak into that chamber they have. However, it's been a while since the Master have visited them... I shook my head. Who cares. Whatever Master wants, I'll get it for him.
I placed down the book and changed. Off goes my leggings and up the leather pants. Off the tank-top and on a blouse. Over it goes a jacket. A pair of sunglasses shield my eyes and a cap is placed on my head.
"Have a safe trip..." said a whisper in my ear.
"Thank you Master. I will."

I scrambled on a trissle and up it flew into the air. A trissle is a beautiful peacock like creature with a variety of colors. It is around the size of a full grown dragon, but smaller. This creature is able to fly at amazing speed, and can camouflage itself and anything that it is touching at will. These hard to tame creatures could only be found in Key Pallivion.
As I reach Averon, I landed myself in a forest close to town. I climbed down, looking like a stranger to this place. I walked swiftly down the road and into town.
It is not the usual streets you would see. Mobs were attacking citizens. Things were being stolen right in front of their eyes. Since the day my master has visited this place, this was how it was in Averon.
As I passed by shops, people began to stare. I made my way safely all the way to the retriever's office. I knocked on the door and waited. A lady opened the door and I almost fell from shock. She caught me just in time.
"Are you okay?" she asked.
"I'm fine thanks. I just thought that all the retrievers in Averon were supposed to be guys." I straightened myself in front of this lady as beautiful as they come. She had long luscious brown curls with her hazel eyes. She was wearing a stripped blue and white blouse with skin-tight black jeans. Her black leather boots clicked on the floor as she walked and her hands were holding a folder on the latest case in town probably.
Compared to me, I have a short black straight cut with bangs and my eyes are dark brown. My skin isn't as neat because I do chores for my master. Then my clothing are normal because my master gave it to me, and I would be content on wearing whatever he gives.
"Yeah it is strange isn't it, to find a girl doing a man's work. You must be new here because you should have heard about the change in accepting women for the job. Please come in." She pushed the door wider and I stepped in, wiping my shoes on the welcome mat.
Men were busy working, and most were walking back and forth with papers in hand or talking on the phone about a new mystery. It was around lunch time, but no one seemed to stop for a second.
This town has really changed from the books I have read about the earlier history of Averon. "Um... excuse me, but have you heard of the Book of the Revived?"
As those words were spoken, everyone paused. Some papers fell from the shock that paralyzed them all.
"Is there something wrong?" I looked around puzzled.
The lady grabbed me by the arm and dragged me up the flight of stairs into her office. The she slammed the door shut.
"How have you heard of such a thing when you are just a stranger in our town?"
"Um... I have heard it in rumors that spread around." I hoped that that lie was good enough, or else she wouldn't help me.
"You can call me Starin. Rumors in these areas only stay in the towns they originate from. The people aren't allowed to leave without the permission from us, and no one left for the past..." she paused. "Around a thousand years ago. Plus, at the look of your face, you are only a normal citizen at the age around twenty."
I shuttered. What now? My master would kill me if I tell her the reason I came.
"No I will not."
A glass orb floated into the air. Wisps of smoke swirled around.
"Who are you?" asked Starin.
"You will know that soon enough..." A body came out of the orb. Yet no features could be shown of my master because of the cloak he was wearing.
"You seem so familiar, but I don't seem to remember you. Anyways, what do you want with the Book of the Revived." Starin took a step back.
"I want it to save the world that I have destroyed." He looked at her. "As you should know, I have visited before..."
"How in Averon do you think I would believe you?" Starin looked shocked and was red with anger. "You have destroyed our hope and peace, how do you expect to restore it? My home is no more than chaos. It's not like you would know anyways. You have no feelings. I shall not tell you where it is."
"Well actually I already know where it is." He giggled, but it didn't seem real.
"Oh really? Then tell me." Starin smirked.
"It is hidden underground at the back of house 64951. There is a tunnel that leads to a chamber and the book is sealed with energy."
"How... how did you know where it is? Not even the other retrievers have known where it was? To further it, it is MY house!" She was in flames. "Are you a spy? Or did someone else did the dirty tricks?"
"You know, I'm not as stupid as that to tell you. Plus, isn't there a saying called you can run but you can't hide? Let's reverse it to you can hide, but you can't run." 

The End

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