The Retriever's GuardianMature

Unexpected paths are being opened and the past is being revealed. In this place called Averon, peace doesn't exist in their dictionary until someone opens the door to the other world. Good and bad will mix in the adventures of Starin and Tyron.

Chapter 1 Lost and Found

The wind outside rustled the parchments scattered all over the table. The slowly beating of wings signaled the arrival of a darger. A darger is a creature with hard scales, but as flexible as a ribbon in air. It had sharp teeth and claws of steel. Overall, it is similar to the human dragons. Dargers only belonged to the middle-classed people as a pet and a transportation system. They vary in color so much that there is only one of every color alive in Averon. In this world of Averon, there is no such word as peace. Our towns all fight whether it was for the slightest reason or the biggest rivalry. Well we do have some control... the retrievers. Similar to the police, as humans would say, retrievers retrieve those who broke the important rules. The breaker of the rule would be subjected to harsh punishment.
I myself am a retriever, and the only female one to be exact. All the retrievers were males for the need of power to trap down the criminal. I am quite honored to join this league for my quick wits, but it's actually quite slow if you ask me.
I walked down the flight of stairs into the entrance hall to find myself face to face with a horrible looking citizen. He was wearing a torn cloak over his head and his pants were halved ripped off, showing the red scars of injury. Plus the smell that emitted from him told me that he hasn't taken a shower for a while.
"I'll be looking for Retriever 7253 Starin please," said the man in a deep voice.
"I am she. What would you like to speak to me about?"
"This would be a private matter that I would like to discuss alone." He stared me in the eye.
The same glitter in his red eyes made me remember a certain someone with the same look. Out of curiosity of who this person is, I allowed him to come up to my office to speak. When we went into my office, he locked the door.
"Hey! What in Averon..."
"Shhh... Starin please don't be loud," the citizen said as he placed a finger over his mouth. Then he removed the cloak from his head.
Flaming red eyes, scar over his left cheek, tanned skin, and a messy hairstyle, all so familiar. Then all of that and his poor dressed clothing changed into neater attire without any rips or wounds.
I couldn't believe my eyes. He was a Guardian, and Tyron to be precise. I walked over and hugged my old friend and servant. A Guardian's job is to serve their master and protect them from any harm. They have the ability to change their appearance at will. Guardian's are long lived, allowing them to be able to be passed down from generations on.
However, all Guardians were sent to be destroyed. Robberies were happening in households that owned Guardians. People didn't trust the Guardians anymore and accused them of stealing the items. No one defended the Guardians and they were all executed.
"I thought you were dead. How did you escape?" I looked at Tyron.
"Luck, more or less. However there is important news you must know. Meet me in the old place after sunset." Then he looked at me. "I'm quite surprised mistress, to find you here as me enemy as well as a friend."
"You know I wouldn't hand you in no matter what the law says. And how come you are allowed to change the subject and ask questions but not me?"
"Well then if you want to know, I'm doing well, but finding shelter is hard. Averon is...," he paused. "Not supposed to say that yet. Please mistress, just wait until sunset and you will know."
Tyron shifted back to the horrid form and left.
What is so important and so secret that he is not to say now? Plus, what's with the shelter problem?

The rest of the day went by so slowly. The only thought I had in mind was about what Tyron said. How could that possibly be? I just don't get a damn thing about it. Sunset arrived. I waited in the old place as Tyron said, trying to hold the anxiety building up in me.When was he going to come? I began to tap my feet as the door swung wide open.
Standing there was not Tyron as I hoped would be. None of the characteristics resembled her servant. This person was big chested with a suit and tie.
"Who are you?" I asked.
No answer came. Silence drowned the room. Then I was stuffed in a bag I tell you. Head first to be precise. I tried to scramble out, but he held me tightly and knotted the opening of the sack. There were absolutely no air holes and I fainted a few minutes later.

I have no clue exactly how long I have been unconscious, but it was already dawn when I awoke. My hands were tied to the back of me and my mouth was stuffed with a towel. The man who took me snored loudly as he sat on a wooden chair. Flies fluttered over his mouth and around the whole room.
Well, it was more of a cell than a room. The floor was covered with litter. The smell of rotten eggs emitted from a corner. Little light came through from the high window. The stone walls were cracked and insects were crawling everywhere.
I tried to get free, but it seemed impossible. The ropes were made of metal, and happened to be the newest made product. They must have stolen it.
I drifted back to sleep in a while. The smell of smoke awoke me. The clouds billowed around the cell contaminating it. A handkerchief covered my mouth and nose and I was lifted onto a garnetle. Its flaming wings arose into the air.
A garnetle is an element changing phoenix. Its main element is fire, but when needed, it can be transferred to other natural elements like water and earth. Only a few people have this magnificent creature.
I turned to see Tyron climb up behind me. Struggling to rise up from the narrow corridor, the garnetle flapped its wings.
"Gravelon! What are you doing here?" I patted my companion. In return, it purred smoother than a cat.
I turned around and asked Tyron, "And here I thought you rented it."
"Well... Let's get down to the important matters. Averon is under the Key Pallivion."
"YOU SAY WHAT!!!" I couldn't believe what he was saying. Key Pallivion is one of the strongest fortresses that can float. Averon is a land fortress and is surrounded by fortresses more than it was under. Yet, after a million of years, it happens to be once again under its worst nightmare. It would be impossible to escape the troubled times ahead.
"No matter how hard it will be, we would still have to face it some day or later."
"But I never believed that I would be in it. It is just unbelievable." I shook my head in concern. "A lost country is yet found again..."


The End

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