The Resurrection of Neverland

There isn't a child in the world that doesn't know the story of Peter Pan and his dear loyal friend Tinkerbell. A little boy that didn't want to grow up so he ran away when he was a baby to a magical place called Neverland. An island among the stars where no one ever grows old, only have fun 24/7 with no rules and no grown ups. Second star to the right and straight on to morning, the directions to Neverland. An island occupying beautiful mermaid, indian warriors, and with the familiar sound of c

Chapter 1: The Awakening

The sun began to rise over the horizon, first giving birth to pinks and purples. As it progressed the warmth kissed the chilled sands on the shore. From the night before, there were raindrops falling off the trees and the luscious green leaves that covered the jungle. Neverland had been asleep for two hundred years and still looked untouched. The Lost Boys slept on there small cots in there hideout, while the faeries occupied pixie hollow.

A new day had begun, but something was different as my mind watched over the inhabitants of Neverland. They began to rise from there deep slumber. Why wasn't I? I felt them all around me, waking up and taking in a new breath. Even in rest I could feel the sun warming the sand, and the freshly bloomed flowers. Everything was coming back to life, meanwhile the guardians remained at rest. That's when I began to remember bits and pieces before the dust had been placed over my eyes.

We were sitting on the sand at the beach when he told me. How when he had gone to the mainland he had met a girl and fallen in love. All I could feel was envy. Mermaids didn't fall in love, there was no point since we lived forever. Or so I was told. I knew the last time he had come back that he would be leaving. It was all over his face.

"I wish you could meet her Luna. I think you would like her."
I played with the sand, "Mermaids can't survive that long away from here. You know that."
"Being part faerie might change that though."
"I am perfectly content here." I lie. "I better go before it gets too dark."

I get up and begin walking back to the lagoon when he flies over me and hovers. I try to move and he follows me.

"Tell me why you're mad Luna. I don't want you to hate me when I go."
I look away, "I don't hate you Peter."
"Then why won't you look at me?"
"Because you're leaving. Which means that I will be all alone. You get to go off on this amazing adventure filled with love. And I'll be here." I feel rage set in, "You are suppose to protect us Peter, and now your abandoning us!" I shout and push him and run.
"Luna! wait!"

I jump over the ledge and land in the warm lagoon water never looking back.


"You are the guardians now. You and Tiger Lilly. You must look out for one another. Until you find the third, you're powers won't be complete." The medicine woman told us over a raging fire.
I lean into the flames, "Who is the third?"
"He will be of human origins. He will be the guardian of the star. A pure heart."
I look over and see Tiger Lilly, "Will everyone else wake up when we do?" She asks.
"Not right away. You will wake up first, in order to escape to the mainland. We will shortly after for battle."
I look at her, "Why us?"
"You were the two closest with Peter, therefore your souls will be able to recognize him. You are stronger together then you are apart."


I hear the sound of humming birds chirrping, and there wings beating the air around them. They were brushing the dust off there wings, taking flight finally awake. I slowly begin to feel the tingles in my fingertips, the rest of my body still asleep but slowly waking up. My eyes flutter open and I see myself encased in moonstone, I take in my first breath when I hear the first cracks forming. Soon I am able to move around a little till the case evaporates and I am carefully placed on the cave floor. Still half asleep I see the rays of sun dancing across the crystal clear waters as the smell of salt fills my nose.

"Finally...home." I breath slowly.

I hear more cracks forming and manage to turn and see Tiger Lilly waking up next to me. I push myself up onto my elbows when a humming bird flies into the cave and around us. I can't help but smile.

"Oh Luna, I had the most pleasant dreams." She smiles sleepily and finally opens her eyes.


She shoots up and I cover her mouth. I pull a strand of hair back and hear footsteps coming up to the lagoon. I grab her wrist and we quietly get into the water and hide behind the ledge. I peek around it and see new people on the land, which shouldn't be possible seeing as we were all put to sleep. I have my hand over her mouth as I lean more and see a young man leading the group.

"I think we caught all the mermaids sir. Shall we proceed to the hollow?"
"Ahhh, yes. You take a small company of men. The others need to look for the guardians. I can't have them getting off the island. Can't risk them finding Pan and the Guardian of the Star."
"And the boys?"

A small piece of the moonstone falls into the water, I freeze and push her back and go under the water. I watch him as he looks back to wear I was, thankfully being inside the cave he couldn't see into the waters. Him and the men take there time leaving the cave when I resurface.

"I did not recognize them. Did you?" Tiger Lilly asks.
I shake my head, "No. I did not. But we have to be careful leaving. But we need to warn the others."
"Agreed." She nods.

I whistle when ripples begin to shake the water. I see a shimmer and a tail come into the entrance of the cave when suddenly my dolphin pops its head up. I place my hand on its snout and tell him to go and warn anyone that he could. To tell them that the guardians are awake and are on there way to find the Pan and Star Guardian. I kiss his snout and send him back into the waters.

"What of the other mermaids?" She asks.
"He tried to help them. But it was too late --"

*Cannon fire*

The entrance to the cave explodes under the pressure, as it comes crumbling down. The cave was crumbling on itself.

"Take a deep breath Tiger Lilly, and follow me."

I go under the surface and find the tunnel that leads to the back of the island where the waterfall is with the hidden lagoon. I crawl up on the grass on the other side and turn and help Tiger Lilly up. She was breathing hard and panting. I lie her on her back and look at her. She was different somehow, as if the moonstone had changed her. I look into the water and see my reflection, I looked different too. More mature, older, and wiser. My hair longer and ebony with eyes the colour of the blue waters and skin pale and blushed. Tiger Lilly hair a rich dark brown, almost black. Her skin kissed by the sun five times over. Her eyes, strong and bold with the power of the tribe behind her.

"Where do we go now?" She asks.
I come back to the situation, "We need to leave immediately. We risk getting caught if we try to help them."
She nods, "Let's move." She replies and pulls a dagger from her boot.

I take a small locket from around my wrist, "How is your dust supply?"
Her face falls, "I lost it in the tunnel. It was crashing in behind me."
I nod, "Well this should get us there. Wendy will have some on hand." I reply and get up.

I get up and squeeze out as much water from my sapphire blue tarp, hoping it’ll be alright till we relocate. Tiger Lilly checks her regalla and gives me a nod. We were ready.

I help her climb up the ledge to get into the trees of the jungle. Walking on the old trails, we hear cannon fire behind us. I could feel the pain trailing behind me. I was holding my medallion in my palm when I feel someone grab my wrist.

I grab there hand as they swing me and slam me against the tree. There he was, breathing into my face. His piercing blue eyes that haunted my nightmares, his dark hair chopped off. But it was him, I knew him all to well.

"Hello James." I hiss.

He was in a black t-shirt and matching pants with odd shoes on. He wasn't the Hook I knew all to well, he was different. He was young and handsome once again, but Hook was killed.

"Awe, so sweet of you to remember. And who you be sweetie?"
I struggle against his grip, "Don't you know? After all, you killed my father."
He smirks, "Sorry. Im innocent of that account. But I will admit I have the blood of many in the palms of my hands."
He spoke differently, and he was no grown man. "Who are you?" I ask.
He leans into my ear, "James Hook... the II."

I freeze when suddenly, he releases me. "Now that I introduced myself. It would be polite you do the same."
"Since when do pirates have manners?"
He sighs, "Please don't force me to kill such a lovely creature." He goes to caress my arm.
I turn away, "Oh how right you are." I smile and snap my fingers.

All of a sudden water became surrounding him and he is placed into a large water wall. He struggles against the water and looks at me and notices the mark on my hand.

"You are lucky I am just awaken. Otherwise, it would last till you drowned. But, I have a star to catch." I smile and run into the trees to meet up with Tiger Lilly at the meeting point. I run through the trees and feel the power fade from the charm. It would be a matter of time before he would follow and catch up.

The sound of cannon fire became louder, and I could hear them running towards us. I see her at the edge of the island, waiting for me with the star piece in her grasp. I grab her wrist and continue running.

"What's wrong?!" She asks running.
"There coming. We have to change location!" I shout.

As we run I could see the beach peeking through as we got closer and when we finally broke out of the jungle we see it in the bay.

"It can't be..." Tiger Lilly freezes.
I nod panting, "It is... the Jolly Roger..."

*Canon fire*

We turn and see the crowd of them come around the crumbled pieces of the mermaid lagoon. I saw him drenched but still leading them on. I stood there, frozen with my feet in the warm sand as the sky suddenly goes dark. I look up as the dark clouds begin to cover the sky. I look back and see him looking at me with those eyes, I was frozen.

"Let's go!" Tiger Lilly shouts and grabs my wrist.

I hear them running after us, I turn and see them doing so. But James, was just standing there with his arms crossed so sure of himself. Tiger Lilly tosses the star ahead of us and the portal opens. I could see the Mainland peeking through the waves of uncertainty.

"Hold your breath!" I shout.

We take a final leap and the portal closes at the tips of our feet. We fall through the winds, waters and the elements of the new world before we crash down on the pavement. I was shaking, exhausted. The rain was pouring on the otherside, the sky black.

I cough and raise my head, "Tiger Lilly?"
"...over here."
I turn and see her dangling from a tree branch, "We made it..." I breath.

I look ahead and see a manor with the lights on, we made it. I force myself up and make my foot move, on in front of the other. I hear Tiger Lilly shuffling behind me as I fumble with the gate. As I reach the door, my legs give out on me.

"Luna, are you alright?"
I nod, "I had to use my powers. He caught me, and I was forced. Using them weakened me."
She kneels next to me, "We made it Luna. Because of you, we are going to save Neverland and save our friends." She assures me and helps me up.
"Thank you Tiger Lilly, really."

The door opens and we are greeted by a woman, when she looks up at us she appears stunned.

"It's happening...isn't it?"
"Yes. It is." I breath. "Hook is back. Only its not what it seems, he's--- " My legs give out again pulling me and Tiger Lilly to the ground.
"Jeremy! Come, quick!" She calls.

A young man comes from the back portion of the house and immediatley picks me up once he sees us on the floor.

"Are you alright?" He asks me.

I rest my head on his shoulder, finally to exhausted to speak anymore. I couldn't tell why, but I felt as if I could trust him. He holds me carefully, "What happened?"
"Please, see them to the guest rooms. I will explain it all over dinner. They need rest."

I look over his shoulder and see Tiger Lilly and Wendy talking. It was odd seeing her as a woman. But, just as Pan had broken a piece off so did Wendy. I shivered a little and he placed me carefully on something soft. I curl up into its warmth, and finally allow myself to rest.


Peter fell out of bed, all tangled in his sheets. He grunts while trying to get out and gives up for a moment just lying there half on the floor with one leg still caught on the bed in the sheets. He looks at the ceiling of his room, a scene that had been there his whole life. A light blue sky with silver light clouds so fluffy looking they looked as if they were made of cotton candy. And at night, the small stars glowed. Whenever he looked at it, he felt as if something was looking back at him. Impossible he thought to himself.

He hears the familiar creek of his door opening and then the familiar tongue licking his face. There saint bernard Nana always came and kissed him in the morning. She always put her head on his chest so he could pet her thoroughly while he would day dream. Looking around his room, noticing all the band posters, the model airplanes. He couldn't help but feel as if this wasn't really his life. That he was just pretending, or living someone elses life.

Nana gets up and makes her way out of the room, finally giving him back his freedom. He manages to get up from the floor and walks across the hall to the bathroom. The small porcelain room stood silent, a sink, toilet and shower. Peter grabs his green toothbrush and slabs on the tooth paste and starts brushing. His hair cut short clung to his head from having the pillow against him. The blonde had come out so much thanks to the summer sun.

He rises his mouth and cleans off the brush, then he grabs the face cloth and starts scrubbing his face. With his curtains closed, only god knows what time it is. He dries his face and tosses the cloth in the sink and hops down the steps to go on the hunt for food. He opens the swinging door and sees his mom hanging over the baby.

"You're alive I see." His mother greets him.
He looks through the cupboards, "Don't sound so surprised." He mocks and walks over to see his little sister Sara chewing on her toy. "Morning Sara."

He grabs a bagel and sits at the table by the window and picks it apart. His mom acting like she was a trophy wife. He looks out the window and sees younger kids on there skateboards while he dreamed of running away.

"Charlie and I are going out for dinner tonight. You and your brother are on baby duty."
"As usual.." He snuffs.
"Honestly Peter, I don't need this today."
"Of course not, too worried about the next injection of botox. Seriously mom, get over yourself. You're married, you can chill out."
"I'm sorry you feel that way Peter."

He tossed a broken piece of bagel into his mouth when his older brother Daniel walks in. He is wearing his light blue t-shirt and shorts, so he was probably coming back from a run.

"Fighting with mom again huh?" Daniel asks while grabbing a bottle of water from the fridge.
"Since Sara was born I don't feel like I fit anymore. Like everyone is just putting up with me." Peter squirms uncomfortably.
Daniel walks over and sits across from him, "That isn't true. We just need to get use to the fact that mom remarried. And that we have a baby sister."
Peter shrugs, "Maybe. Perhaps going back to school tomorrow will help. No more awkward days around here."
Daniel steals a piece of bagel, "Exactly." He smiles.

Peter zones out looking at the floor when he notices something, his shadow is missing.

"Daniel, do you see what I see?" Peter asks.
Daniel looks at the floor and sees there shadows, "Just our shadows."
Peter looks again, and it was back. "Just my imagination I guess." Daniels phone buzzes on the table, "Who's that?" Peter asks.
Daniel sighs, "Its Claire. She won't stop texting me."
"And what's wrong with that?" Peter asks.
"I'm not into her that way. That's all."
Peter chokes on his bagel, "That prettiest girl in school is after you, and your not interested? You're nuts."
Daniel smiles slightly, "Your fourteen Peter. I don't think you would understand."
"Yeah yeah yeah. I'm fourteen and you're eighteen for the sillionth time."
"When you find someone special one day, you'll see what I mean. Anyway, I'm gonna hop in the shower then we can catch a movie. Suck up sometime before babysitting." Daniel replies getting up and ruffling his brothers hair and leaves the kitchen.
"I just hope something happens soon..." Peter mumbles to himself.


I feel myself begin to wake up after hearing birds singing, I take my time waking up still sore from the attack. I pull the covers up to my chin and just lie there. I couldn't stop thinking about his eyes looking into me. I felt scared. What if we fail in finding him? How would I feel when I saw him? If it comes down to it, could I allow myself to be killed to save someone that abandoned me?

*Knock Knock Knock*

I sit up, "Come in."
Tiger Lilly peeks in, "Hey you. Feeling any better?" She asks walking toward me.
"Yes. The rest helped a lot. How are you?" I ask.
She smiles, "This world is amazing. Jeremy has taught me so much of it. I feel myself filling up with knowledge. I might just burst soon." She giggles.
I laugh slightly, "I am glad."
She sits next to me, "I know we have our mission Luna. But it might not hurt to open yourself to this world. Who knows, you might like it." She looks down, "I know how hurt you were when he left."
I shift uncomfortably, "That won't effect the mission. Besides, its not the same boy that I knew once upon a time."
She looks at me, "You... you loved him."
I look away, "No, I did not... Not that way anyway. I think I was so upset because I was jealous. Being part human and mermaid, always had me fumbling. Never knowing where I belonged. But he didn't care. He saw people for who they are."
She hugs me, "I am so sorry Luna. I wish I knew what to say."
I pet her back, "We will save them Tiger Lilly. I promise."
"I know." She replies and lets go. "You probably need something to eat. Wendy has dinner ready."
"Okay, lets go."

I get out of bed and follow Tiger Lilly down the stairs and into the dinning room. Jeremy and Wendy were waiting. I take a seat next to Tiger Lilly while a man dressed in formal attire served us.

"I hope chicken Caesar is alright. I didn't know what to have made." Wendy smiles.
I look down at the bowl, "It smells good." I reply and pick up a leaf with white sauce on it. "Mmmm."
“Until you’re ready, Jeremy and myself will be teaching you of the mainland. It will be like school lessons, but here until you’re ready to go to school. It will be great. We can teach you history, about all the tools used on day to day living. Soon you will be like Jeremy and I and Neverland with have double threats.” Wendy smiles.

Tiger Lilly looks at me, "You alright Luna?"
"Its a lot to take in..."
Tiger Lilly rubs my back, "I know. Its amazing isn't it?"

I felt myself being ripped apart, as if there were two of me trying to fit into my body. I sip water slowly and finally manage to pull myself together long enough to pick up the fork and begin eating.

"So, I have to ask. Do you have memories from your old self?" Tiger Lilly asks.
Wendy smiles, "I remember you teaching my brothers and I how to dance around the fire. And Luna, you taught me how to swim with the mermaids."
I nod, "And you hated getting your nightgown wet." I laugh slightly.
She laughs, "Indeed how I did." Her face falls slightly, "When he left... how was it? I mean, did everything change?" She asks.

Tiger Lilly nods, "It was never the same. With Hook and the pirates gone, it seemed as if Neverland was at a standstill. Shortly after the boys left, only a couple remained. But it seemed as if Neverland wasn't needed anymore."

"Is that when the island was put to sleep?" Jeremy asks.
I nod, "Since Neverland appeared safe the elders of the tribe thought perhaps it would be wise. Since the mainland didn't have use for us anymore, we be put to rest until Neverland would be needed again. But, then its protector would be needed too.." I trail off.
"Which is why you guys held a piece of Peter's spirit. In case if Neverland was threatened, you would have a back up." Wendy finishes.

Tiger Lilly and I nod.

"It hardly seems fair though. You being put to sleep like that." Jeremy comments. "Especially given the mission you have now."
"I find it to be an honour." Tiger Lilly comments.
Jeremy turns to me, "And you Luna?"
"Just like Tiger Lilly, I have my reasons."
"Well, we are glad you made it here safe. And are willing to do what we can to help. I've already sent out Pierre to grab you girls some items. Your uniforms are freshly washed and hanging in the closets."
I get up from my seat, "I think I'm gonna go up to my room. I'm still pretty tired."
"You have a good rest dear." Wendy replies.
"My room is across from yours. Knock if you need anything." Jeremy offers.
"Thanks Jeremy... Night."

I leave the dinning room and head up the staircase when Tiger Lilly trails behind me.

"....Luna. Are you sure you're alright?"
I turn back and look at her, "After a bath and some sleep. I'm sure I will be ready to take on the new world. I am just overwhelmed. Don't worry so much."
"If you were hurt or something. You would tell me, right?"
I hug her, "Open yourself to him Tiger Lilly. I'll be fine."
I see her blush, "That obvious is it?"
I tug on her hair, "Mermaids feel the emotions of others. Remember?"
"I forgot..."
I felt the rush of remorse, "Don't feel sorry for me Tiger Lilly. You're free to love. Take advantage of it."
"Is it bad to say I'm scared?" She asks.
I start walking up the stairs, "You'd be a fool not to be."

I close the door behind me and lean against it, finally knowing of the world I felt less lost. I look around the room I had been given and actually know what the items are.

"Television. Dvd's." I walk over to the window, "And curtains..."

I could feel myself changing still, slowly being reborn into the new world.

And all I could wonder was, if I would survive it.

I leaned against the wall and gaze out the window, seeing trees for miles and miles. It reminds me of home. Luna…. I hear whispered in my ear. I look around, but don’t see anything. But then again, being from Neverland I knew better.

“Who’s there?” I ask.
“Go to the trees and follow the trail to the grave. There you will see what you need to see.”
I could feel my blood freezing, “…Peter?”
“Follow the trail…”

I felt the presence leave the room, and I felt it dragging me along. I sneak down the stairs and hear them in the dining room still. I walk carefully and manage to get out the door without making a sound. I look around to make sure no one was following me when I reach the opening of the trees. When I see no one, I break into a run.

I could hear my heart racing as it hit the dirt, just as it always did when we raced. Is it really you Peter? Are you the one calling me? I run until I can no more and lean against a tree to catch my breath. The rain was chilling me to the bone, maybe there was no one there. Maybe I was chasing a ghost.

I was about to give up when I see a small stone hidden in between the trees. I walk through and see it tucked into the ground. I walk closer when I feel the wind pick up pace. I felt something come over me, a need to see what was written on it. I walk closer and kneel whipping off the access water.

Here lies Peter Pan
Beloved Father Husband and Dear Friend.

I touch the stone and feel myself being taken to another place. A dark plain where fog roared and covered all.

I feel my heart tighten, “So…it was you.”
“Yes, it was me.”

I turn around and see him standing there, all grown up and in a black suit. He smiles and begins walking closer.

I put up my hand, “Don’t.” I interrupt. “Don’t come any closer.”
He frowns slightly and then smiles again, “Same old Luna.”
“Why did you call me here Peter? Tell me.”
He appears before me and reaches to stroke my cheek, “If only time were on my side. So that I could tell you everything.” I feel him touch my cheek and feel all my grief coming back to the surface.
“Speak up Peter….” I whisper.
His hand falls, “I didn’t mean to hurt you Luna. Honestly, I didn’t. It wasn’t until I passed on, that I was able to feel your grief. And your hatred towards me.”
“I don’t hate you.” I snap.
“No, your right. You didn’t hate me. You loved me.”

I look up at him and how he had grown, I wanted to tell him. Everything. But it wouldn’t change anything. It wouldn’t matter telling him I used possibly the one tear I had, crying over him leaving.

“Mermaids are incapable of love Peter, you’ve said so yourself.”
“I was wrong Luna, in so many ways. I shouldn’t have left you alone. Perhaps I shouldn’t have left at all.”
“Then why did you?”
“Truthfully, I was scared. When I first went to Neverland, I thought I wanted to stay there forever. And for the longest time, I did. But, when it came time I had to go. I had to grow up.”
“And what? Suddenly, we didn’t matter? We were toys you tossed away? Don’t you know how important you were? Still are? Neverland is nothing without you. And because of you now I might end up dying saving it. And its not fair.”
“I left because I loved you Luna. When I left for the mainland, I wanted to distance myself. You’re a mermaid, and possibly not survive on the mainland. And I needed to leave so badly. But if I allowed myself to love you…”
“You wouldn’t have left…” I finish.
“And when I came back, and I saw you. I was lost. So, in order to leave. I had to make you hate me.”
“What are you talking about Peter? You fell in love on the mainland. You told me all about her.”
He chuckles slightly, “I was talking about you.”

My head was spinning and I fall to my knees. Somehow, I wasn’t relieved.

He kneels next to me, “I did find her though. The girl I would grow up for. We had children. Two boys and a girl. We named her Luna. After you.”
“Why are you telling me this Peter? Why now? I can’t have all of this on my mind. I have a mission to uphold.”
He holds my hand, “Because you need to allow yourself to feel again Luna. It’s the only way you will win and save Neverland. Yes, you might be a mermaid.” He strokes my hair. “But you are also a human girl as well.”

I look up and he was Peter again, only how I knew him as a boy.
“I miss you…” I admit.
He smiles, “I missed you too. Everyday. I still miss you.”
I look around, “I’m gonna die… Aren’t I?”
“I wish I could tell you. But I can’t.”
I smile slightly, “The Peter I knew laughed at the rules.”
He kisses my forehead, “That Peter is but a bedtime story now. Once upon a time as they say.” He hugs me, “He is looking for you too Luna. Just as you are looking for him…”
I pause, “Who?”
He looks at me and smiles, “The one you are meant to be with. The one you’ll save.”

I could feel the ground begin to shake and suddenly I was falling, “Wait! Peter!” I cry out.

I come to and gasp for air, had I forgotten to breath? The rain had stopped. Suddenly the hollowness inside of me was gone. I heard what I needed to hear. I just didn’t think I would feel this way. I felt, at peace. I feel something being wrapped around me, I look up and see Jeremy.

“I had a feeling you would find your way here.”
He helps me up, “He lived here?” I ask.
He nods, “A while ago. He left it to Wendy. He knew that it would be needed someday, or so I was told.”
“Why are you here Jeremy? I mean, why would you put yourself through this?”
He smiles, “Well. Once upon a time, you knew me as Anthony.”
I gasp, “You were the wolf boy.”
His grin widens, “Good to know my reputation still exists. But yes, I was a lost boy in a previous life.”
“Have you told Tiger Lilly?”
He shakes his head, “No. I want her to know me for who I am now. Though perhaps I am still the same.” I let out a sigh. “What’s wrong? Am I that bad?”
“Oh, not at all. Its just. If I couldn’t tell that it was you. How am I suppose to know who the new Pan is, or the new Star Guardian?”
“You are more wise then you know Luna. Like telling Tiger Lilly to follow her heart. Even though, you know she would give up her love to make sure you weren’t alone.”
“I couldn’t bear the thought of her ending up like me.”
“I don’t think you’re so bad.”
I hug him, “Thank you Jeremy.”
He rubs my back, “Just remember. Follow your heart.”
I nod, “Can we go back now? I need to soak in some warm water. I’m terribly tired.”
“Of course.”

He links his arm with mine and leads me back to the house. As we followed the trail I could feel him getting warm. And I could feel Anthony shining through. When we get back to the manor, he helps me sneak back up into my room and I have a bath before bed.

Maybe, just maybe. We could survive, and save Neverland.

The End

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