The dying fire did little to entertain Snow White as she sat in... the holding room? She honestly barely understood where she was. All she knew was that she was half dead and would only come back when her true love kissed her.  She didn't even know who that love would be. 

"Will I know his lips when he kisses me?" she wondered aloud. Aurora's face seemed to light up a moment before the strange things had started and she had left. Perhaps the feeling would just come across her?

The clock ticked slowly on. Snow hummed to herself, but nothing she did made the time pass any quicker. She began to undress for bed, as it was nearly 10:00, she her breathe was suddenly taken away. Shooting stars appeared all around and she felt as though she were a bird, able to take flight at a moments notice. In fact, Snow noticed, her feet had left the ground, and she was rapidly ascending.

For a moment, she saw nothing, but then a beautiful field came into view. The 7 dwarfs were all surrounding a curious glass box with a handsome man bent over it. With a start, Snow realized she was lying in the box, and the handsome man was in the middle of kissing her. 

"So that's what he looks like," Snow thought to herself, smiling. He appeared tall, with beautiful locks of brown hair and soft eyes. By his dress he was wealthy, a prince maybe? Snow White could hardly believe her luck. She hurried over to her body and shook herself awake. 

Snow's vision changed in a flash. One moment she was looking at herself, and the other she was looking up at her love.

"I hoped you would come," she smiled as he broke away at the touch of her icy lips growing warm.

"I've been searching a long time for you," he whispered, before leaning in again. 

The End

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