I guess I'll go,” Aurora said, moving over to Persephone.

However, before Persephone could as much as touch Aurora's hair, a strange sound reverberated throughout the room. Eyes rolling, the Queen stood up and walked over to the fire place

“Sorry ladies, my husband calls.” Her mocking voice provoked a loud moan. Rather than retort, Persephone stuck her finger in her mouth and made a gagging motion. Contrary to her act of hatred towards Hades, Persephone straightened herself out, fixed her dress and primped her hair and face for a few seconds so she looked perfect for her man. Then, with a pinch of green powder (which she pulled from a small pouch at her side) and clearly saying “Throne Room” Persephone was gone with a flash.

“Man are so annoying.” Aurora commented after the startling scene.

“How so?” Snow asked.

“They avoid you for 16 years, and the moment they clap eyes on you again they promise you fortunes and romance and happiness, only to go away again! They're fickle creatures, and I hope never to marry.”

“But, isn't a true love the only way you're going to get out of this room?” Snow asked.

“I guess, but that just emphasizes my point! They make us reliant on them!”

“Well, I got here because of a little old lady who poisoned me. Thinking back, it was likely the queen in disguise trying to kill me again...”

“You don't say? I tried to touch a golden spindle, and got whisked here before I could say 'ouch'.”

The two women fell silent, deep in thought over their predicament,.

“Do you have a true love out there?” Snow asked cautiously. Surprisingly, rather than a quick retort, Aurora gave a small, sad, nod.

“Yes, I do.”

“What's his name?” Snow asked eagerly.

“I don't know. We met in the woods and sang and danced, just like we had done in my dream. He has the most dreamy voice and cute nose...” Aurora trailed. She had stood up to demonstrate the dance, however her skirt tore on the chaise longue.

“Stupid dress!” she cried, overreacting.

“Is there any thread here?” Snow asked. “I can fix it. Grumpy tears his clothes all the time. I've gotten quite good at patching it up.”

“No, there's nothing practical here.” Aurora grumped. Snow fell silent, letting Aurora stew.

“Who's Grumpy anyway?” She asked after a while of silence.

“He's one of the seven Dwarfs that I live with. There's Grumpy, Sneezey, Happy, Doc, Sleepy, Bashful and Dopey.”

“Woah, that's a lot of men, are any of them your true love?”

“Oh no, they're just little dears who took me in when I had nowhere to go. I live with them and take are of them, but they're more like children than loves.”

“Do you have a love?

“Yes, I met him at the well when I was a servant at the queen's castle. But I only met him once and I don't think he's looking for me.”

“I'm sure he'll come, he must. Anyhow, you're probably better off wit-” Aurora started, but was cut off by a strange sensation that started throughout the room. The pink started turning purple, and then blue. The fire flickered and changed into an enchanted gold and a sweet music echoed along the walls. Visions of a handsome man appeared at the top of the room, and Aurora started floating up. Her face was calm and beautiful, her lips glowed red, her hair shone brighter and her pink dress seemed less a hindrance and more an extension of her beautiful form.

As suddenly as it started, the sensation stopped, leaving Snow White to herself.  

The End

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