Waking up

Snow's eyes opened after what seemed like ages of sleeping. Her head hurt and her arm seemed bent out of shape.Why was she laying down? She had been... oh! The event flashed back to her mind, the old woman who had chanced upon the little cottage in the woods, who had asked for some water in return for an apple, and the evil cackle she had given after Snow had bitten into the delicious yet poisoned apple.

Snow sat up slowly, careful not to hurt her arm, which appeared fine aside from a painful bruise on her elbow, most likely having formed after fall. She blinked a few times and looked about the room. It was fairly large, two large beds sat at either end with a fire place in the middle and two chaise longues surrounding it. The fire glowed warmly, colouring the room a pleasant yellow, off setting the pinks which ran through it. Snow looked up to find the ceiling, but couldn't find it. She looked up as far as she could, but saw no opening or closing, just space above her.

“It's a very strange room, isnt it?” said a voice from a chaise longue.

“Very strange, but nice too I think.” Snow replied, starting up to see who had spoken.

“Do you know where you are?” The voice asked again.

“No. I think I'm asleep though.” Snow replied, moving closer. Once she had made her way to the fire, she saw a blonde woman laying down on the chaise longue, her hair perfectly groomed and her body laid in such a way that Snow wasn't quite sure whether or not she was real or a beautiful wax figure.

“You're asleep, but you're really here. You can't pinch yourself awake, I already tried.” The figure with her red rose lips. “Persephone will likely be here soon to expl-”

The girl was cut off by a peculiar occurrence in the fire. The warm yellows and oranges turned a puke shade of green, and leaped and danced and cracked for a few moments. Just as Snow was about to ask what was happening, a woman walked through. Snow was so shocked, the only thing she could do was scream.

“Oh don't be like that!” the newly arrived woman cried. “I'm Persephone, Queen of the Dead.”

The End

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