The Rest-House

What happens if you go to a rest-house which you don't like?

One stormy winter night found our three souls sitting in a camp outside the town. The storm had started just a few minutes before. Had we received any forecast about the storm, we could have delayed our camping program. Nonetheless, I was out with two of my friends. As it was getting dark and cold, we all gathered near the fire we somehow managed to build up. As anyone would expect in our situation, our talks went into the supernatural direction. Soon it was all ghosts and haunted houses. Jessie said that she was feeling a bit uncomfortable as our discussion reminded her of something that she didn’t want to talk about. She just had to mention this and Mark was all over her hoping that she will share her experience. At the beginning Jessie was reluctant but she had to give way to Mark’s urging. I will write her story down in her own words:

‘I was going to a rest-house with my family for the weekend. I was excited as this was a different rest-house from the one that we have been going to. We decided to start after lunch. The place was at a distance from our house and I thought of dozing off a bit. When we reached there it was almost evening. All my excitement got vaporized when I saw the house. It was just like the one you see in a horror movie. It was all wooden and had a worn-out look. After getting a look of the house I didn’t want to stay there, but as it was already evening we had to stay in for the night. If anything happened, at least I would have some story to tell about.

After entering the house, we were welcomed by the housekeeper. He was tall and very thin. But the thing that gave me the creep about him was the eye-cap he had over his left eye just like the pirates. I must admit I didn’t like him. He showed us to our rooms and fortunately I was given a nice room, at least to look at. As I sat in the bed, it made such a cracking noise that I almost screamed. You won’t believe but I checked for hidden doors in the cupboard that might have led to another world! To my relief there wasn’t one. After some time there was a call for the supper. I was ready that there may be something in the food that will end in some nasty result; but the supper was extremely delicious and I even had second helpings. After finishing the food, I went directly to my room as it was getting a bit cold. There was a knock in the door and I found that it was the housekeeper. He had brought some hot chocolate for me. He gave me the mug and went out saying that I should not sleep very deeply as the things have not been going well around the place. I wondered what he meant. I finished my drink and then went to the bed.

It was hardly five minutes; I had closed my eyes when suddenly I heard something. I opened my eyes to see the most horrific scene I had ever seen. To my horror, the whole ceiling was coming down on me. Just when I thought that I will be crushed, then suddenly there was a bright flash and the next instant I was in a totally different world. I didn’t think there will be a passage through the ceiling! Anyway, I didn’t know where I was. I hadn’t seen anything like this before. Everything looked like a mosaic painting but only very much alive. I tried to call for help but I just couldn’t get my voice out. After looking around a bit I found out that I was in the porch of our rest-house. I, then, immediately ran to the door and rang the bell. I was really scared then. But what was my fear like when I saw the face of the housekeeper! It was also mosaic and his only eye could hardly be seen. He said he had already warned me. Without giving him a second look, I went directly for my mother’s room. When I reached there I thought perhaps she was unaware of the ongoing things, but imagine my condition when I saw her sitting on her bed like a mosaic painting with no look in her eyes. I then thought of running away as far as my legs would take me. But as I turned I saw the housekeeper right behind me. On the other side my mother was coming towards me with her arms outstretched like a zombie. At last I was caught in the middle, and suddenly I felt a hard grip on my arm. It was the hand of the housekeeper. I tried to scream, but I felt like I was being choked. But I was so desperate that I thought that it was now or never. With the last bit of energy in my body I screamed, “Let me go. I don’t want to stay here.” But my mother said, “Don’t worry, I am with you. Nothing will happen to you.”

I then suddenly felt a jerk in my hand. My mother was trying to convince me that nothing will happen to me. I was not sure what was happening, but I was seeing my mother’s face as a faded one. Then suddenly I heard mother almost shouting in my ears, “We have reached the place, wake up.” And then she gave me such a push that I almost fell down.

“What has been the matter with you?” she asked, “Why do you want to go home? We have just reached the rest-house. Now quickly get out of the car and help me in getting the things out.” I then realised I had just seen a horrible dream while I had the nap. When I told mother about the dream, she laughed and had an advice, “Well, don’t watch so many horror movies.” I guess it was just the right advice. All the same, I didn’t want to spend the night there. After arguing for while, I managed to persuade my parents to return home that very night.’

When she was finished, we all were quiet for some time. Then suddenly Mark and I burst into laughter. It was quite a dream. Then we looked at the watch and realised it was getting late; and the storm also was dying. As we already had our supper, we bid each other goodnight and went to our respective tents.

I was asleep for a while when I felt that the whole tent was coming down on me. When I tried to stop the tent falling over in my face, I realised it was just a dream. Then I wondered what Jessie might have felt when she saw the mosaic world. I then finally went to sleep.

The End

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